Nintendo DSi SD Memory Card

Nintendo has released an upgrade to its popular DS series. The Nintendo DSi is the brand new system that makes major improvements on past models. Priced at $170, the DSi will have a web browser, two built-in cameras, wireless applications and a SecureDigital (SD) memory card slot. so you can plug in an SD card … Read more

2GB Nintendo Wii Memory Card

The 2GB Wii memory card is the perfect compliment for your Nintendo Wii. This is because this card allows you to save your game data as well as downloading games to it from the virtual console. You are also able to download music, pictures and photos and store them on the memory card. This also … Read more

1gb Nintendo Wii Memory Card

If you own a Wii, you will eventually need an external memory card. The memory card is used to save your progress in games, photos, music, videos and games you download from the Virtual Console. The 1GB Secure Digital (SD) card is often used in the Wii. It has a built in slot that allows … Read more

Nintendo Wii Memory Cards

The memory card for the Nintendo Wii is used to save your game data, music, photos, videos, downloaded games and made characters. It is very useful to have this data if you are going to a friend’s house, or if your internal memory is getting full.  The type of memory card the Wii uses is … Read more