Samsung Phones

Are looking for a memory card for your Samsung phone? I know it can be super challenging trying to find a microSD card that is a good fit.

I have taken out some of the guess work when it comes to finding the right memory card for your Samsung phone. I will not only highlight the top-rated cards that are available on the market right now, but will also highlight specific models and the cards that best work with them.

Best Samsung Phone SD Card

For your Samsung phone, when it comes to choosing a memory card, you need to make sure that the card you get has certain specifics. You need to be sure that the card is able to deliver the storage space that you are looking for, has great performance, is a good fit and is also not a strain on your pocket.

In the list below, I give a general overview of the top cards out right now that will work in most Samsung smartphones. If you have an older device or your not sure about the cards that can work with it, then I would say check out the specific phone recommendation.

Samsung Phone Models

If you are looking for a MicroSD card for a specific Samsung phone model, you can locate your device from the list below. All the articles will highlight the top memory card cards for your phone, as well as other useful information related to your device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy J7 Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung Galaxy J5 Samsung Galaxy On7 Samsung Galaxy On8 Samsung Galaxy On5
Samsung Galaxy A7 Samsung Galaxy J3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Intercept Samsung Captivate Samsung Intensity 2
Samsung Fascinate Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Vibrant Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung Sleek