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Best 256GB SD Cards


PNY Elite Performance 256 GB High Speed SDXC

The most popular 256GB SD card on the market right now is this option from PNY. Why is it so popular? Well, it is pretty affordable and it is still able to deliver the performance that people are looking for. While some might be wondering who are PNY and if their products.

Why I Rated Them

Price: One of the cheapest cards on the market, great value



SanDisk Extreme PRO 256GB SDXC Card


Lexar Professional 1000x 256GB SDXC


What to Look for When Selecting a 256GB Card

There are 3 things you need to think about when purchasing a 256 GB SDXC card. The card has to deliver great performance, is fast enough for your given device and is affordable on the pockets. It is not overly complicated trying to find the right card, you just need to be equipped and know exactly what you are looking for.

Card Speeds Explained


Clearing up SD vs SDXC


Storage Capacities of 256GB Cards


What About Cheap 256GB SD Cards?

I felt that I needed to talk about cheap 256 GB SD cards, simply because a lot of people are purchasing them and getting burned. So what do I mean by burned? Well, to start off with, if you see 256 GB card 7 for ridiculously low prices, stay far away from them. A lot of people think they’re getting really great deals, when in reality there just throwing their money away.

There are cheap cards on the market that don’t have the big names like SanDisk or Lexar and these are okay.

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