16GB SDHC Card

Best 16GB SDHC Memory Cards

A great mid-range card that is pretty inexpensive, as well as being able to deliver a good amount of storage space would have to be the 16GB SDHC Memory Card. This is the perfect option for the individual who wants to increase their devices storage capacity, while also not wanting to break the bank.

Who Makes the Best 16GB SDHC Cards?

There are so many options available when it comes to SDHC memory cards. There are certain quality brands that you should definitely consider if you are looking for a 16GB card that performs really well and has great quality. The 3 most popular brands would be Transcend, Sandisk and Kingston.

Transcend 16GB SDHC – If you like the sound of a high quality product at really low prices, then SDHC cards from Transcend should certainly be checked out. Transcend has really developed a reputation over the years for making cards that are considered to be the best out there.

The 16GB SDHC card from Transcend is available in Class 2, Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10.

Sandisk 16GB SDHC – SanDisk cards are really good, the only downside to them is that they are on the more expensive side. If you really want a card that offers awesome performance, then they are a good option to check out.

This 16GB card from SanDisk is available in 5 different formats. These would be SanDisk (Class4), SanDisk Ultra (Class 4, 15MB/s) and SanDisk Extreme (Class 10, 30MB/s), SanDisk Extreme Pro (UHS-1, 45MB/s), SanDisk Extreme Pro (UHS-1, 95MB/s)

Kingston 16GB SDHC –Another pretty solid card would be the offerings from Kingston. When you take a look at the best memory cards, Kingston cards are always in the discussion. Great quality and solid performance is what this card will deliver.

The 16GB SDHC card from Kingston is available in Class 2, Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10.

Different Types of 16GB SDHC Cards

SDHC memory cards can be purchased in many different sizes. These sizes vary from 4GB – 32GB. Aside from size, SDHC cards are also available in different speeds. The 5 speed ratings of these memory cards are Class 2, 4, 6 & 10 along with UHS-1.

  • Class 2 – Minimum of 2 MB/s performance. (Slowest)
  • Class 4 – Minimum of 4 MB/s performance. (Average)
  • Class 6 – Minimum of 6 MB/s performance.  (Above Average)
  • Class 10 – Minimum of 10 MB/s performance. (Fastest)
  • UHS-1 – Speeds up to 104 MB/s.

Some people are generally confused when it comes to what speed SDHC card they should get for their digital device. Right now, we recommend that you get a Class 10 or higher memory card, simply because they are going for a really cheap price. If you are planning to use the SDHC card in your high end digital device like a HD camcorder or high end digital camera/D SLR, then you are going to need a fast memory card. The slower memory cards are also good to work in the lower end digital devices, but their prices not that far off from the higher speed cards.

**For those people who really want to know what speed card you need to use in your device, such as that you consult your user manual.

How Much Data Can Hold on a 16GB SD Memory Card?

If you want to know how much music, videos, movies and pictures can hold on the 16GB SD card, then check out the table below.

**The data used in the table is based on estimates. The 16GB SD card is going to be able to hold more or less, it really depends on a variety of factors.

MP3’s 800 1,600 3,200 6,400 12,800
Movies (DIVX 700MB) 5 10 20 40 80
SD Video (640×480) 1 hr 40 mins 3 hrs 20 mins 6 hrs 40 mins 13 hrs 20 mins 26 hrs 40 mins
HD Video (720p 10 Mbps) 45  min 1 hr 30 min 3 hrs 6 hrs 12 hrs
HD Video (720p 15 Mbps) 25 min 50 min 1 hr 40 min 3 hrs 20 min 6 hrs 40 min
HD Video (1080p 9 Mbps) 1 hr 2 hrs 4 hrs 8 hrs 16 hrs
HD Video (1080p 13 Mbps) 40 min 1 hr 20 min 2 hrs 40 min 5 hrs 20 min 10 hrs 40 min
Pictures (JPEG 10 Megapixels) 880 1,760 3,520 7,040 14,080
Pictures (JPEG 14 Megapixels) 525 1,050 2,100 4,200 8,400

 Is it a 16GB SD or 16GB SDHC?

It seems that people are always confused when it comes to the differences between the 16 GB SD and 16 GB SDHC memory card. The confusion stems from the fact that the tool formats both have the same shape and size. The main differences between SD (Secure Digital) and SDHC (Secure Digital high Capacity), is the fact that they both have different maximum storage sizes.

SD Memory Cards will be able to hold 64MB – 2GB of data.

SDHC Memory Cards will be able to hold 4GB – 64GB of data.

Because SD memory card have been on the market for a very long time, many people have often come to refer to memory cards that have the same shape and size as SD. Even when the newer SDHC card was released on the market, many people were still calling them SD. So if you are to hear someone saying they want a 16 GB SD card, then technically card does not exist. The only card of that size is the 16 GB SDHC.

**If you have an older digital device, then more than likely it will only use SD card. They will not be able to use the SDHC memory cards in them, unless the manufacturer updated their firmware. If you have plans to buy a memory card for your device, then please consult the user manual to try and find out what memory card it will utilize.

Best Place to Get 16GB SDHC Cards

If you’re looking for the best place to get really great deals on the 16 GB Secure Digital High Capacity memory card, then Amazon.com is definitely the best place to check out. The main reason why we absolutely love Amazon is that they have a very nice selection of SDHC cards and the prices are also very cheap. If you want to get even more savings, this site also offers FREE SHIPPING on a lot of the items that they sell. This is even better for you, as you will be able to save more money.

EBay – As it relates to eBay, they definitely have some of the lowest prices on the Internet. Although they have some pretty good prices, my recommendation is that you stay far away from them. We have seen too many different complaints about people receiving counterfeit cards. It looks like some unscrupulous sellers are formatting the cards in a way to make them look as if they have more space than they really do. After buying a card like this, it is often a hassle to get the money back. This is why I say it is best to go with a trusted retailer, instead of having deal with these possible problems.

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