128gb SDXC

Best 128GB SDXC Cards

If you just looking to purchase a card for your camera or other digital device, then check out the 3 best options available that not only delivers great performance, but the pricing is not outrageous as well.

What is a SDXC


Is the 128GB SD Card a Good Buy?


Where Would a 128GB Card Come in Handy

Right now, 128GB sounds like a lot of space and I am pretty sure some time in the future, people will be laughing at us, wondering how could we live …

A card this size has tons of


You are going to find that digital cameras will be the #1 option for people who are looking for these SDXC cards. With megapixel sizes going up, recording ………of HD video

Phone Storage

For light users, the built in storage capacities of most mobile phones are enough to get the job done, but more and more people are


Files on the Go

Maybe you are

How Much Data Can Hold on a 128GB SDXC Memory Card?

If you have a 128GB card and want to find out how much data can hold on it, then take a look on the table that I created down below.

**All the data that can be found in the table are all based on real world estimates. In reality, the memory cards may or may not be able to hold that amount of data. How much these cards can actually store, is really dependent on many different factors.

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Smaller Sizes: 32GB SD card16GB SD Card8GB SD card4GB SD card

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