If you take a look at the highest rated smartphones released in 2017, you are going to see a couple of HTC devices on the list. These are high quality devices to delivers outstanding performance.

Are you searching for a memory card for your HTC phone? Confused as to which one to choose or which one will be a good fit? Well, keep reading to get some insight into the best HTC phone memory cards.

Best HTC Phone SD Card

As I mentioned above, there are tons of memory cards available for the various HTC phones and I know it can be a bit difficult trying to figure out which one will work, which one has the best performance in which one is the best value for money.

All the cards that I list below are some of the best memory card options available that should work in whatever HTC phone that you have. Please be aware, that you might have to find your specific model, simply because not every memory card will work. However, if you have some of the newer model phones, then these cards are definitely work.

if you are someone who needs a lot of storage space, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on the storage card, then the 128 GB MicroSD card is a great option to consider. This size card is actually becoming the more popular option for people, simply because of the increased storage size, at a pretty reasonable price.

When it comes to performance, you really don’t have to worry much, as SanDisk is known for making high performance cards that are a perfect fit for whatever HTC phone you are using it in. You can be sure that this card will  perform and you are backed up by SanDisk’s amazing build reputation.

Want more options? Check out our complete list of 128GB MicroSD cards available.

If you are really not looking to spend a lot of money on a memory card, but still need a good amount of storage space, you should look at the 64GB MicroSD card as an option. For the past couple of years, the 64 GB storage size has become the go to option for people who are looking to increase their smart phones memory. These cards are dirt cheap and for the storage space that it gives your phone, many say that this is good value for their money.

As the demand for data storage increases, so does the size of memory cards that are opting to buy. I have started to notice an uptick in 200GB MicroSD card sales and it only makes sense, as more and more people just need space.

I like this as an option for HTC phones as this is the next step up and if you are looking to really maximize the capability of your phone, then this is a good option to get. This card is not super-expensive and it is a good fit for your phone.

If space is what you need and you’re not looking to spend a crazy amount of money, then this 200 GB SD card from SanDisk should really be on your radar.

Not every HTC phone will be able to use 256 GB MicroSD cards, but if yours can and you have an insatiable need for storage space, then this could be a good option to consider…………………… if you can afford it.

This 256GB card is beastly and I would recommend this as the #1 option, the biggest drawback that it costs an arm and a leg. Is it worth it? Well, that depends on how much you need the storage space. If you can afford it, I would definitely say go out and get this card, simply because it drastically transforms your phone.

Phone Models

If you are looking for a MicroSD card for a specific HTC phone model, have a look at the list below. You can actually find out which memory cards will work in your model phone and there is some more useful information that I am pretty sure you will find useful.

HTC Desire 530 HTC 10 HTC U Ultra
HTC One A9 HTC One M9 HTC Bolt
HTC One M8 HTC Evo 3D HTC Desire S
HTC Sensation HTC Smart HTC Desire Z
HTC ChaCha HTC HD2 HTC Incredible S
HTC Desire HD HTC Legend HTC Magic
HTC Aria HTC Magic HTC Salsa

Using Smaller Cards

As I mentioned above, not every memory card will be able to work in your smart phone and if you have some of the older models, then more than likely you will not be able to use these high-capacity memory cards.

Nonetheless, if your phone uses smaller sized cards, you could always go with them as an option. You still get a bump in storage space with these memory cards and the good thing is that they are really cheap. So, if you are not interested in any of the card options above, you could always look at micro SD sizes such as 32GB. 16GB, 8GB & 4GB.