2GB Nintendo Wii Memory Card

wii-2gb-memory-cardThe 2GB Wii memory card is the perfect compliment for your Nintendo Wii. This is because this card allows you to save your game data as well as downloading games to it from the virtual console. You are also able to download music, pictures and photos and store them on the memory card. This also means that you are able to make your data mobile and it is not regulated to being kept on the Wii.


The Wii has an internal memory that is around 512MB in size. This is enough for a casual gamer, but if you are serious, then it can be filled up very quickly.


What Type of 2GB Memory Card Will Work


The Nintendo Wii uses the Secure Digital (SD) memory cards for their external memory storage. If you want a 2gb memory card to use, then it should not matter what type you buy as they will work in the Wii. The branded cards sold by Nintendo all work the same and they are no different from the ones the other brands found in the store. The only difference in them is that they carry the Nintendo brand which makes them more expensive.

Other types of memory cards can be used in the Wii as long as a SD adapter is available. So 2gb MiniSD and MicroSD cards can be used once you have the adapter.

Price of Wii 2GB Memory Card

The overall cost of the 2 GB Nintendo Wii memory card will be more expensive or cheaper, depending on where it is bought. You should be aware that the cards that are branded with Wii will cost much more than the other brands. The only thing that you will be getting different is that these cards have a “Nintendo” sticker on it. These cards cost between $20-$50. If you want deals on these cards then check the purchase section of the website.

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