Nintendo DSi SD Memory Card

JAPAN-ENTERTAINMENT-GAME-COMPANY-NINTENDONintendo has released an upgrade to its popular DS series. The Nintendo DSi is the brand new system that makes major improvements on past models.

Priced at $170, the DSi will have a web browser, two built-in cameras, wireless applications and a SecureDigital (SD) memory card slot. so you can plug in an SD card and listen to AAC music files from iTunes on your DSi, which now works as a portable music player, or expand the DSi’s storage capacity.


What is the use of Nintendo DSi SD Memory Cards?


The SecureDigital (SD) cards that the Nintendo DSi use can be used to do the following:

  • Play music files in AAC-format that is stored on the SD Card
  • Save photos to the SD card that you have taken with the Nintendo DSi Camera
  • Download software and save data files to the SD Card

The Nintendo DSi cannot use SD Cards to:

  • View saved photos taken from other devices (such as cameras, phones, etc.)
  • Store sounds recorded on the Nintendo DSi
  • Copy save game data for games played on Nintendo DS Game Cards


What Memory Cards Can be Used in the Nintendo Dsi?


The Nintendo DSi will use most SD Cards. The DSi is able to support regular SD cards, as well as the newer high capacity cards such as the ones that go from 16 GB and 32 GB.

The Nintendo DSi can also use miniSD and microSD cards, as long as they have SD adapters. 


How Do You Save Music on a SD Card?

  •          You will need either a SD card or SDHC Card. The Nintendo DSi can use SD cards up to 2 GB capacity. SDHC cards can be used up to 32 GB capacity.
  •          You will also need AAC music files that are on a computer.
  •          You will finally need a way to read the SD card. This can be done using a card reading slot on the computer or with the use of a SD Card reader or writer.

What to Do

  • The SD Card should be placed in the computer
  • Go to the location where the music files are located
  • Copy the music files to the SD Card


Where Can I Buy Nintendo DSi Memory Cards?


nintendo-dsi-memory-slotYou can purchase Nintendo DSi memory cards from a wide range of sources. The most common places that people do this are either online or at regular electronic retail stores.

Online – the World Wide Web is a good place to get and save money on Nintendo DSi SD memory cards. There are many different retailers and they often offer prices that are way below regular stores own.

Electronic Stores – Big electronics stores such as Best Buy, Target or Walmart will have Nintendo DSi Secure Digital memory cards for cheap prices. Many times these stores will reduce the price and you can save some money.


What is the Cost of a Nintendo DSi Memory Card?


The cost of a Nintendo DSi SD memory card is often determined by a wide range of factors. The most important one is the size of the SD card that will be used in the DSi. Bigger cards such as 32GB will cost a lot more compared to a 256 MB one. The price difference could be almost $100. Smaller cards can be purchased for as little as $5, while the larger ones can reach upwards of $100.

The brand name of the DSi SD card you plan to purchase will also determine the price. Nintendo branded cards are going to be more expensive than the regular or generic cards. Why are they so expensive you ask? It is because they have the Nintendo logo stamped on them. Keep this in mind when you are out to purchase your memory card for your DSi.

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