Can The Nintendo Wii Use SDHC Memory Cards?

nintendo-wiiIf you own a Nintendo Wii you will understand how awesome the system is.  The Wii has an intuitive design and games that are extremely fun to play. Despite all of these wonderful things, the Wii is not perfect. People often complained about the lack of internal memory. This could be solved by copying whatever files that were taking up space on the internal memory over to the external section. Another problem existed again as the Nintendo Wii was unable to read SDHC cards. This means you were limited to using SD cards up to 2 GB.


SDHC Support Has Arrived for the Nintendo Wii

For all those complaining about the Wii not being able to read SDHC cards, complain no more. Nintendo has launched the Menu System 4.0 update and it will now support the high capacity SDHC cards. This means that no longer will you be limited to 2 GB sizes, but you can now plug in your 32 GB SDHC into your Wii and save all the data you want.

You will be able to save all the content you download from the Wii shop right onto your SD or SDHC card. This means all those Virtual Console, Wii Ware titles and Wii channels can all now be stored on your card.

Another benefit is that you will be able to run the channels and the games directly from the SD or SDHC card as there is now a new menu for the SD card.



Memory Cards That Can Be Used In the Nintendo Wii


The Wii Menu 4.0 will now allow people the ability to use SDHC cards in their Nintendo Wii. This means SDHC cards bigger than 4 GB all the way up to 32 GB can now be used.

MicroSDHC and MiniSDHC cards can also be used, once you have the SD adapter available.

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