Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Memory Card


The Samsung Note 3 phone, tablet, phablet, whatever you want to call it is an awesome device. You can basically do anything with it and you are absolutely going to enjoy playing around with it for a very long time.

If you are looking to upgrade the memory, whether you are filling it up quickly, or you just want to have enough space so you are not worrying about deleting videos or pictures, then you have landed on the right page.

So What Memory Cards Work With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

microsd-optionsIt can be a bit confusing and difficult if you are not really familiar with memory cards and you might not know what works with what. Well for the Note 3 and the Note 3 Neo, this phablet will be able to take 3 different types.

While these cards are all the same physical size, they will hold different sizes of data on them.

Micro SD – The MicroSD can hold up to 4GB of music, pictures and video.

Micro SDHC– The MicroSDHC at can hold up to 32GB of music, pictures and video.

Micro SDXC For the Note 3 specifically, it will be able to hold up to 64GB of data.


Do I Need a Memory Card for My Note 3?

It really depends on how you will be using your phablet, but it is a pretty good idea to invest in the biggest size you can get. Even though it has ample internal storage, you will find that it can easily fill up, especially if you download a ton of apps, take pictures and video. You would be surprised that you are going to start deleting to stuff, once the internal memory starts to fill up.

So since I know you are going to be buying memory, it is a good idea to go with some of the larger sizes available.

8GB, 16GB MicroSDHC cards are pretty cheap and they can give you a bump of memory, without having to spend a lot to get them.

32GB MicroSDHC and 64GB MicroSDXC will be perfect if you are a video and picture

How Much Data Will the Memory Card Hold?

It is always good to get an idea to know how much more data can be stored on your memory card, especially if you are looking to upgrade. For the Note 3, I will show you just about how much storage you can expect the card to hold.

For the table sizes, I used estimates such as:

Apps – 10MB
MP3 – 5 MB
Movies -700MB
720P Video – 4GB/1 Hour
Pictures – 2MB




720P Video






1 Hour






2 Hours






4 Hours






8 Hours






16 Hours



My Recommendation of the Best Memory Cards for the Note 3

There are ton of memory options for the Note 3 and you can always go with a cheaper/smaller size or a bit more expensive/larger capacity. The choice is yours.

I will recommend 3 options that are a good fit for the Note 3/ Note 3 Neo and will provide you with more than enough storage space

SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC

SanDisk makes some excellent memory card options and with the 64GB size, you will have not have to worry about memory storage running out. You will have ample space for your videos, pictures, apps, movies, games and everything else. It is a minimal cost to get the biggest sized card and honestly, you will not regret going this big.

SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC

If you don’t need so much memory space, then the 32GB offering from SanDisk is also a good option. The main thing that stands out is the price. For this memory size, the price is pretty low, especially for what you are getting.

Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC

How Many Songs Can Hold on a 64GB Memory Card?

How Many Songs Does a 64 GB Memory Card Hold?

How Many Songs Does a 64 GB Memory Card Hold?

There really is nothing like an mp3. You are getting digital goodness that you can throw onto a memory card and have your music collection with you on the go.

A lot of people often want to know how many songs can hold on a 64 GB memory card. This can be quite easy to estimate, if you actually have an idea as to the size of an mp3 and the size of the 64 GB card.

Before going into this, let me start by saying that this is estimated. The 64GB memory card will be able to hold a lot more or a lot less songs, it will really depend on a variety of factors.

How Many Songs Can Fit on a 64 GB Memory Card?

  • An MP3’s size is dependent on different factors such as how long the song is, as well as it’s encoded bitrate. For the sake of this estimate, we are going to say that generally MP3’s will have a size of 4-5 MB.
  • For easier calculations, around 64000 MB makes 64GB
  • 64 GB = 64000 MB
  • 64000 MB divided by 4 MB = 16,000 mp3 songs

  • 64000 MB divided by 5 MB = 12,800 mp3 songs.

With that quick bit of math, it is possible that a 64 GB memory will be hold anywhere from 12,800 – 16,000 MP3 files. This is all estimated as it could hold a lot more or a lot less, it is really dependent on tons of factors from the bitrate, file size and much more. This is more of a  guide so that you can get an idea as to how much the card will hold.

So if you had plans on buying a 64GB SDXC or MicroSDXC card, then you should have a pretty good idea as to how much it can hold.

How Many Songs Can a 8GB Memory Card Hold?

How Many Songs Can a 8 GB Memory Card Hold

How Many Songs Can a 8 GB Memory Card Hold

You will find that a lot of people end up buying memory cards for their devices, as they want to store more data such as mp3s.

Depending on the device, you will find that the 8GB SDHC or MicroSDHC card is a pretty good option to have. Because of the cards popularity, many people often want to know how many songs can hold on a 8GB memory card? I will answer that question below; so that you can have a good idea as to how many songs the card will hold.

How Many Songs Can Fit on an 8 GB Memory Card?

  • Typically the average size of a MP3 music file is around 4-5 MB. MP3s can be bigger or smaller, as it usually depends on a variety of factors.
  • A 8GB memory card is about 8000MB (not exactly, but it makes calculations easier).
  • 8 GB = 8000 MB
  • 8000 MB divided by 4 MB = 2000 mp3 songs
  • 8000 MB divided by 5 MB = 1600 mp3 songs.

Based on the result, a 8 GB memory card will generally be able to hold about 2,000 – 6,400 MP3 files. This is not an exact figure and really should be used as a guideline. The 8 GB memory card will be able to hold a lot more songs or a lot less, it depends on different factors. This is really a good guide to see how much songs will actually fit.

Hopefully this clarifies the question you have related to the 8 GB memory card storage.


How Many Songs Can a 16GB Memory Card Hold?

If you are a music lover like me, you must admit that mp3’s are one of the best things ever invented. You can essentially have your whole music collection with you on one device.

If you own or have plans on getting a 16 GB memory card, you might be wondering how many songs will be able to fit on it. Because I am the memory card guru, I’ll be able to answer that question, so there will be no more guessing or wondering.

It should be noted that the results we get below will all be based on an estimate, as the card could hold more or less songs, depending on the file size of the mp3’s that are used in the process.

How Many Songs Can Fit on a 16 GB Memory Card?

  • The size of a MP3 file is usually determined by the length of the song, along with the bitrate that it is encoded in. Generally, you will find that MP3 files will have an average size of 4-5 MB.
  • For easier calculations, around 16000 MB makes 16 GB
  • 16 GB = 16000 MB
  • 16000 MB divided by 4 MB =4000 mp3 songs
  • 16000 MB divided by 5 MB = 3200 mp3 songs.

Looking on the results a 16 GB memory will be able to hold between 3,200 – 4,000 MP3 files. You should be aware that this is just an estimate. The memory card will possibly be able to hold more or less, it really depends on a variety of factors. However, if you are just putting mp3’s to the card, then this is about how many songs the card will be able to hold.

So if you are thinking about purchasing an 16 GB memory card whether a SDHC or MicroSDHC, you should have a good idea that it will be able to store 3,200 – 4,000 songs.

Hopefully this will answer that burning question as it relates to memory card storage.

My Memory Card Got Wet Will It Still Work?

I dropped my memory card in the water, will it still work? You know this is actually one of the more popular questions we get asked and I always find it pretty amusing. Some of the reasons why these memory cards got soaked in the first place are pretty amazing and hilarious at the same time. I know this might have happened to you, so I am pretty sure you are not finding this funny at all.  Before I answer the question, you can take a look at a couple of the common reasons why these cards are wet.

Top Reasons Why Memory Cards Get

  • Memory card was left in jeans and it was washed in the washing machine – SOAKED!
  • Was thrown into the pool and everything, including phone/camera got DRENCHED.
  • Taking a picture at the beach or by a lake, camera/phone fell in SOAKED!!!
  • Drinking something, knocked the glass over and the memory card got FLOODED!

These are excuses we hear time and time again, actually visualizing some of them is pretty funny in itself.

So Will Your Memory Card Work If It Got Wet?

One of the great things about the many different types of memory cards (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSD, MicroSDHC etc) is that they are pretty reliable

No moving parts and since it was not plugged into any power source at the time, you don’t have to worry about any electrical shorts. Let it dry and it should be no worse for wear.

To completely dry out the camera try Silica Gel Packets. There was a good article on that explains how to dry an iPod, MP3 player, cell phones, or any electronics. You need to take the battery out and place your camera and battery in a zip lock bag with Silica Gel Packets. Silica Gel will remove all the moisture from the camera and its components, something air drying will not do!

 Did You Know that SanDisk Cards are Waterproof?

SanDisk SD™, SDHC™, SDXC™, microSD™, microSDHC™ and microSDXC™ memory cards are tested under harsh conditions.SanDisk Manufacturer’s (Limited) Warranty terms and conditions apply. Please click here to review.[nbcite refID="1" refName="1"]

Check Out This Video of Submerged Memory Card