Arms Download Size

Arms Download SizeWant to know the Arms download size and how much space it will take up on the Nintendo Switch?

Arms download size is 2.2GB.

Planning on buying the digital copy of Super Mario Odyssey and wanted to know the download size?

The Nintendo Switch has 32GB of internal storage, the digital download of Arms won’t take up much space, so you don’t have to stress about having enough storage space.

With that said, I always recommend my readers to invest in a Nintendo Switch SD card if they have the system, simply because sooner than later your internal memory is going to fill up and you will need the space. If you look at some of the popular titles out there, you can see their file sizes are pretty big. Splatoon 2 (3.2 GB), Super Mario Odyssey (5.7GB). With just one or two games, you can come close to filling up your Switch.

If you are worried about cost, there are so many MicroSD cards available. Cheap cards like the 16GB MicroSD, 32GB MicroSD or 64GB microSD will only cost you a couple of dollars. If you have a bit more cash lying around or if you just want to have a lot of storage space, then by all means go with the bigger 128GB microSD, 200GB MicroSD or 256GB microSD cards.

More About Arms

Arms is a revolutionary boxing game that allows you to choose different fighters, who all have their own special skills and weapons for each arm. You can mix and match different ARMS to ultimately become the #1 champ.

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