Best LG V30 SD Card You Can Buy in 2017

LG V30 SD CardWhat is the best LG V30 SD Card you can get right now?

Below, I am going to highlight the top rated memory cards for your V30 smart phone, as well as look at other vital information as it relates to the different storage devices that are available for the phone and why the different cards are good options to have.

Best LG V30 SD Card

If you do a quick search for memory cards, you’re going to see that there are tons of options available right now. So, how do you choose the best one for your LG V30?

All the LG V30 SD cards that I have listed below, will work perfectly in your device. The ones I have ranked are based on their storage size, performance in the phone and price.

The 128GB MicroSD is by far the best memory card option for the LG V30. You get a significant amount of storage space, without having to spend an arm and a leg to get one.

Performance wise, the 128GB will be a perfect fit. You will be able to store all your photos, videos and apps with no problem and it will take some time for you to fill it up. The price point is also pretty good. So with that, this card gets A+ and definitely something you need to get.

The next card that is a good buy for the LG V30 is the 200GB MicroSD. I love this card for the phone because of the amount of storage space that is able to deliver. While the 128GB above is a good amount of space, that can be eaten up if you are shooting tons of videos and pictures, especially if you are on vacation.

The 200GB MicroSD card is good for those people who need a significant amount of storage space. It is not overly pricey, for the storage capacity that you are able to upgrade your phone to, so it is definitely the #2 option to check out.

This 64 GB MicroSD the budget card for those people who need a boost in storage space, but don’t want to spend too much money.

This card is super cheap and if you are someone who needs the space but won’t but don’t plan on filling it up anytime soon, then this is still a good card to have. The bigger cards really maximize the potential of the V30, while the smaller capacities get the job done of being additional storage without breaing the bank.

If you truly want to maximize your LG V30 and go all out, then the 256 GB MicroSD card is what you definitely need. This is the largest MicroSD card on the market right now and you will be able to max out the storage space of your phone.

This card is expensive and not for everyone. However, if you need the space and price is no option, then this is definitely one you should get.

Do I Need a LG V30 Memory Card?

Absolutely Yes. If you look at the LG V30 specs, you can see that it is available in 2 different sizes. A 64GB model and 128GB model. Even though both phone options have a good amount of internal storage, you can never have too much memory, especially with memory card prices being so cheap.

If you are here, just get a LG V30 SD Card that fits within your price range. There is nothing more annoying using your phone and realizing that you can’t install the app you want or you have to be deleting pictures and videos, because you have run out of space.

A memory card solves your inevitable storage problems before it starts. As I have stated, memory cards are cheap and if you look at the options above, you can easily see that there are different cards for different budgets.

LG V30 Micro SD Card Compatibility

I know it can be a bit confusing when you are trying to figure out what memory cards work with the LG V30. I am sure you come across all these options like microSDmicro SDHC and microSDXC cards (I explain the differences here). As well as some people saying SD cards.

So what works and what doesn’t? With the V30, it will only be able to use MicroSD, MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC cards. Despite what is used, SD cards will not work nor fit in the phone, simply because they are just too big. People often use SD cards to refer to any type of memory card, when in actuality, there are different card sizes and options available.

The MicroSD family will work, as they are designed specifically for smartphones.

LG V30 SD Card Max Size

So what is the biggest memory card that will work in the LG V30? The V30 can uses MicroSDXC cards and with that card format, in theory it can go as big as 2TB. 2TB cards do not exist. GSM Arena highlights that the largest sized memory card that can work with the V30 is the 256GB microSD.

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