Canon Powershot Elph 180 Memory Card

Canon Powershot Elph 180 Memory CardSo you got your Canon Powershot Elph 180 and now you are either looking to to get some memory to go along with it, or just upgrade the old cards that you have had for years…..the big question is which card to get a

Best Canon Powershot Elph 180 SD Cards?

I know it can be challenging sorting through the hundreds of memory card options that are out there and trying to find the right one that is a great fit for your camera.

What size do you get? Which brands stand out? Etc. Well, I answer those questions you might, by highlighting the must-have SD cars for the Elph 180

Get the 128GB card for your Powershot 180, simply because this card will just make life a lot easier. It gives you ample storage space for your photos and videos and the pricing is perfect. You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on this storage device and you get to give your camera the storage space that you are definitely going to need.

If you want to not spend a ton load of money, but still looking to get a decent amount of storage space, that won’t run out on you in the middle of your vacation, then the 64GB SD card is an option to consider. The pricing of these cards are very reasonable and 64GB will be more than enough space for your pictures.

If money is not a problem and you don’t like the idea of space running out on you in the middle of that EPIC vacation, then the 256GB is an investment you should seriously think about.

What About Smaller Sized Cards?

You don’t have to go with the 256GB, 128GB or 64GB cards, they just are for the most amount is base at some of the lowest prices. If you really want to save money and don’t plan on taking a lot of pictures, then you could always go with a 32 GB or 16 GB card. The prices on these are extremely cheap and they are a great deal, especially if you are not looking to take pictures constantly 24 7.

What Size Card Should You Get?

The card that you choose really depends on how you plan on using the camera. If you think you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures and videos and you are not looking to switch memory cards or have memory cards fill up at an inopportune time, then you should go with some of the bigger sized SDXC cards such as 256GB, 128GB & 64GB.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, but still want a decent amount of storage space, but don’t plan to be taking a lot of pictures, then the 64 GB, 32 GB and 16 GB cards are all options that you could consider.

Canon Powershot Elph 180 Memory Card Types

For those of you who are confused by or unaware of the different memory card options on the market and which ones can be used in the in Powershot 180, then look at a quick explanation below:

I have an article on the SD  SDHC SDXC card differences, but as it relates to the Elph 180, it can actually use all 3 card options. So what’s the difference between the 3?

  • SD CardsThis memory card format can hold up to 2GB of images and video.
  • SDHC CardsThis memory card format can hold up to 32GB of images and video.
  • SDXC CardsThis memory card format can upwards of 48GB of images and video.
  • Micro SD (With SD Adapter) – This memory card format can hold up to 4GB of images and video.
  • Micro SDHC (With SD Adapter) – This memory card that can hold up to 32GB of images and video.
  • Micro SDXC (With SD Adapter) – This memory card can hold up to 2TB of images and video.

All SD cards are the same physical size, the only difference is the amount of data that can be stored on them.

How Much Data Can These Cards Hold?

If you’ve reached this section, then you probably just want to get a visual understanding of how much pictures these different sized memory cards can actually hold. You take a look at the chart done below, it will give you a quick idea as to the storage capacity of the different sized cards. Please be aware, that we used real-world estimates when working on the numbers and the memory cards can actually hold a lot more or less pictures and videos, it really depends on a variety of factors, such as picture megapixel, video size, bit rate and so much more.

720P Video 1080p Video (60fps) Images
16GB 4 Hours 1 Hour 20 Mins 8,000
32GB 8 Hours 2 Hours 40 Mins 16,000
64GB 16 Hours 5 Hours 20 Mins 32,000
128GB 32 Hours 10 Hours 40 Mins 64,000
256GB 64 Hours 21 Hours 20 Mins 128,000

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  1. Hello. I’m hoping you can help me. I had a Canon Powershot ELPH1100 (I think). I don’t have it in front of me right now. Anyway, it got ruined in a boating mishap. The memory card (32gb) was apparently okay as I was able to download the photos that were on it at the time of the incident. I went ahead and purchased the Canon Powershot ELPH180 and popped in the old memory card. I took 35 pics and I can’t take any more. “Insufficient space on memory card” or something to that effect. My card is only showing 29.6mb of space and there is nothing on it!?!?

    Maybe I am crazy and I know I don’t know what I’m doing, but something doesn’t seem right. Do you think the card got damaged in the boating flood??

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I really don’t want to buy a new card if this one is still good.

    Update – my husband changed the card to “S” format (whatever that is) and now it says I have 171 photos available. Shouldn’t I have 16,000 per your chart above? I am lost.


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