Samsung Galaxy S4 Memory Card

Samsung Galaxy S4 Memory CardI am pretty sure that you stopped by this website because you are trying to find the best memory card for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Well, consider yourself lucky as I have compiled the top-rated and must have cards for this amazing smartphone.

Aside from offering my recommendations, you can also get some more in-depth information as it relates to the different memory cards available on the market and how they all function in the S4.

 The Best Samsung Galaxy S4 SD Cards

For the S5, I have highlighted the 3 top memory card options available. My recommendations on these memory cards are primarily based on factors such as performance, speed and cost.

64GB Samsung EVO Select MicroSDXC Card

This is by far the best card available for your Samsung S4. You are getting a card that has a ton of storage space, which means you can take tons of pictures and videos and not have to worry about the card filling up.It is also a high performance card, which means it is fast and will not crap out on you. At the cheap price at which you can one, it is well worth it.

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SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC

SanDisk is known for making solid cards and this 64GB option is one of the most popular on the market. People gravitate to this card because it just works. This would be a perfect addition to the Galaxy S4 as it is pretty cheap and performs amazingly in the phone.

32GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC Card

In this day and age, 32 GB sounds like not sufficient storage, but you would be surprised at exactly how much it gives you. If you are someone who is not going crazy downloading apps or taking pictures, then this is an option to consider. It is a lot cheaper than the 64GB offerings, but what’s spending a couple more dollars to get double the space.

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Do I Need a Memory Card for my Samsung S4?

I get this question all of the time and my answer never changes…………yes, yes and yes. A memory card is an amazing investment, simply because you can store all your precious data on it, without worrying about filling up your phone. They are also really cheap, so you are not going to be spending an arm and a leg (unless you want to) getting something that is a necessity for your phone. This is something that I highly recommend you definitely cannot lose buying one.

What Memory Card Does the Galaxy S4 Use?

There are really so many different memory card formats out there, it can be quite challenging trying to understand which ones work in the S4, especially if you have no clue what you what is what.

To simplify everything for you, the first thing you should know is that for the Galaxy S4, the only memory cards that will work in it are microSDmicro SDHC and microSDXC. Some of you probably hear people saying that the phone uses SD cards and that is not true at all, it is really just semantics. SD memory cards are too large to fit in cell phones and you will often find that they are used in bigger devices such as cameras, video cameras, go pros and more.

So What Is the Difference With Those Cards Listed Above?

So the S4 can take all those three cards listed above, so what really is the difference between them? To simplify:

  • Micro SD – memory cards range in size from 32MB to 2GB.
  • Micro SDHC– memory cards range in size from 4GB to 32GB
  • Micro SDXC– memory cards range in size from 32GB to 2TB

Micro SD, SDHC & SDXC cards are essentially the same, only their storage capacities separate them from each other. They all are the same standard shape and size.

You should have no problem using any of these cards in the Samsung Galaxy S4, however Micro SD cards could have performance problems because they are older cards and they might be too slow to use optimally in the phone.

If you want to know more about the differences, I have an in-depth article that tackles the subject.

How Much Space Can the Phone’s Memory Card Can Hold?

The table down below will showcase how much data can be kept on the Samsung S4. You can get some insight as to how much movies, MP3s, videos and pictures you can store on the card.

The table should be used as a reference, as the smartphone can hold more/less, it really depends on many different factors. These aren’t exact figures and it is just there to provide you with a guideline as to how much you can expect your smartphone to hold.

  MP3’s Movies (700 mb) 720P Video 1080p Video (60fps) 4K Video (30fps) Images
16GB 3,200 20 4 Hours 1 Hour 20 Mins 40 Mins 8,000
32GB 6,400 40 8 Hours 2 Hours 40 Mins 1 Hour 20 Mins 16,000
64GB 12,800 80 16 Hours 5 Hours 20 Mins 2 Hours 40 Mins 32,000
128GB 25,600 160 32 Hours 10 Hours 40 Mins 5 Hours 20 Mins 64,000
256GB 51,200 320 64 Hours 21 Hours 20 Mins 10 Hours 40 Mins 128,000

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