Nikon Coolpix S33 Memory Card

Nikon Coolpix S33 Memory CardIf you are looking to get the very best SD card for the Nikon Coolpix S33, then continue reading.

I am going to highlight the three best memory cards for this Nikon camera and I decided on these cards based on their storage capacity, performance and price. There will be some other valuable facts and tips that you will find helpful.

The Best Nikon Coolpix S33 SD Card

I’ve made it known that you should look for an appropriate memory card for your Nikon camera. What we haven’t looked at, is the different cards that you should be searching for. When it comes to the top rated memory cards choices, they usually have a number of things in common: great performance, high speed, a low price and efficient storage capacity.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB SDXC


The 128GB from SanDisk. is a good option to consider if you think you need more than a 64GB card. For only a couple dollars more, you can get a card that is double the size of a 64GB and it won’t break your pocket. SanDisk is known as being the industry leader for memory cards, so this card will give you the performance that you are looking for, backed up by SanDisk’s guarantee.

[asa] B0143IISD0[/asa]



This Lexar 64GB card sits on American memory card manufacturer PNY’s 64GB SDXC is a great option when considering memory cards for your Nikon S333. The card is cheap, offers a good amount of storage space and the company has a good reputation for making solid cards that have great performance.  Great buy, if you are not looking to spend a lot of money, but would like a good amount of storage space.

[asa] B00WWBCSG4 [/asa]



If you are looking for the best 256GB SD card available right now, then this offering from PNY is currently the #1 choice.

PNY makes solid cards that are very dependable. You will find that a lot of people who buy this card love the low price, as well as its overall performance. This card will work perfectly in the camera and you will have more than enough space to store your photos and videos.

[asa] B00WWBCS1Y[/asa]

What’s the Biggest SD Card That the Nikon S33 Takes?

The biggest memory card that the Nikon S 33 takes would be 512 GB SD Card. This card will work perfectly in the camera, the only downside is that it is really expensive and you will often find that people get this memory card are professional, as they can justify the cost.

The Types of Storage Media Used in Camera?

The Nikon S33 can use SDXC, SDHC & SD memory cards. If you are confused you can get a full explanation here:

A quick overview of the card differences:

SD Cards – This memory card format can hold up to 4GB of images and video.

SDHC Cards – This memory card format can hold up to 32GB of images and video.

SDXC Cards – This memory card format can upwards of 48GB of images and video.

Micro SD (With SD Adapter) – This memory card format can hold up to 4GB of images and video.

Micro SDHC (With SD Adapter) – This memory card that can hold up to 32GB of images and video.

Micro SDXC (With SD Adapter) – This memory card can hold up to 2TB of images of video.

To summarize, the cards are the same physical size, the only difference is their storage capacity.

What Size Nikon S33 SDXC Card Should I Get?

When I do my memory card recommendations for different devices, the one thing that I tell people that they should do is get the biggest memory card that they can afford.

The reason for this, is that I have seen it too many times, where someone will buy a cheap small capacity card and a couple months later they have to come back and get a bigger card.

Memory cards can fill up pretty quickly and while a smaller card might seem like a good deal at the time, in the long run it could become a problem.

Memory card prices are really cheap and if you are looking for a SD card for the Nikon S33, then you should definitely go with either a 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB card. You are going to be taking a lot of pictures and videos and you definitely want to ensure that you have enough storage space for these memories and that the card does not get full time in opportune time.

If you are someone who doesn’t plan to take a lot of pictures, then you could get away with some of the smaller cards, but the prices of these cards are basically the same price as a 32 GB or 64 GB card, so it is always a good idea to spend maybe $5-$10 more and gets a card that you will be using in the future.

How Much Pictures & Video Can Hold on the Memory Card?

If you still want a bit more information before you make a decision on the memory card size that you want to get, maybe you should take a look at the table below.

In this table, I highlight just about home much pictures and videos, you can expect the Nikon cool pics S332 hold, depending on the type of memory card that you get.

I should definitely let you know, that this really should be used as a guideline and it is not 100% concrete. The storage capacity will vary depending on the size of the photos that you are taking, as well as video size. Memory card could possibly hold a lot more or less pictures and videos, it really depends.

720P Video 1080p Video (60fps) Images
16GB 4 Hours 1 Hour 20 Mins 8,000
32GB 8 Hours 2 Hours 40 Mins 16,000
64GB 16 Hours 5 Hours 20 Mins 32,000
128GB 32 Hours 10 Hours 40 Mins 64,000
256GB 64 Hours 21 Hours 20 Mins 128,000

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