LG Tribute 5 Memory Card

LG Tribute 5 Memory CardTake a look at my suggestions listed below if you own a LG Tribute 5 and you are trying to get a SD card for it.

I’ll highlight the 3 top-rated memory cards for the phone, along with giving you some information a lot of you will find useful as it relates to the different storage cards available.

The Best LG Tribute 5 Memory Cards

I have taken the time to focus on the 3 top memory cards for your Tribute 5. The main thing that I concentrate on, is cost, but these cards are also rated on the quantity of storage that they can provide along with overall performance.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC


By far the best card for your LG Tribute 5. It has the performance you are looking for and you won’t break your pocket getting one. It is a good upgrade and definitely one you should consider.


32GB Samsung EVO Select MicroSDHC Card

Samsung 32GB Evo Select Micro SDXC

Samsung makes amazing phones and their memory cards are following closesly behind them. The 32GB is the biggest card the Tribute 5 can take and it is a good option to consider if you are looking to take a lot of pictures or videos.

[asa] B01DOB6Y5Q [/asa]

SanDisk Ultra 16GB microSD


If you are not looking to spend too much money on the memory upgrade, you can always go with a 16GB MicroSD card. The SanDisk Ultra is a fast memory card that also delivers great performance. It is a good match with the Tribute 5, especially at the price it is available at.

[asa] B010Q57SEE[/asa]

Do I Need a Memory Card for the Phone?

If you look at the built-in storage for the Tribute 5, you will see that it is only 8 GB. That is extremely small and you can fill that up in no time. You’ll be stunned at how quickly your internal smartphone memory fills up after just a few months of usage.

If you plan to install a couple apps or even take pictures or video, you will find that your internal storage would run out in no time.

Memory cards will provide plenty of storage for your phone along with the great fact that they are so low priced. For only a few bucks, you can purchase a top brand card that is guaranteed to last

How Much Data Can be Stored

If you are looking to find out how much information can be stored on the LG Tribute 5 Memory Card, then you can take a look at table here. As it pertains to the amount of MP3s, videos and pictures that the card can hold, you should be able to get a good idea with the table.

I should emphasize that the cell phone can in fact hold less/more, this is determined by numerous factors. The info below is just to show you how much information your phone could store and it is all estimated. It is based of real world numbers, however it is still just an estimate.

  MP3’s Movies (700 mb) 720P Video Images
16GB 3,200 20 4 Hours 8,000
32GB 6,400 40 8 Hours 16,000
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  1. I have a problem. My LG style 3 says up to 2TB storage well then where can I fin even 1TB MicroSD card the biggest card I. Can find is a 256GB microoSD card I want the biggest storage MicroSD card I can get. Where are the 1TB and 2TB micro Sd cards I want one.Please respond or send link. Thank you

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