Best MicroSD Card for the LG Stylo 3

LG Stylus 3 Memory CardOwn a LG Stylo 3? Looking to give it a boost in storage space, but have no idea which memory card to get? Well, consider yourself lucky for landing on this page!

Below, we are going to highlight the best SD cards to get for the LG Stylo 3, which will give the device a considerable boost in storage space. Aside from that, we will also look at some more information as it pertains to memory cards.

The Best LG Stylo 3 SD Cards?

I think that when it comes to buying memory cards for smartphones, one of the major issues that people have is figuring out which memory card to get. Which size is a good buy, which brand will work and what cards are compatible? If you keep reading, I give the answers to all those questions, plus a bit more which many of you will find useful.

If you are looking to maximize the overall performance of the LG Stylo 3, then one of the very best actions you can take is to increase the amount of storage memory that it has. With regards to the storage card, you should go for the 128GB MicroSD simply because it has a substantial amount of storage space and the cost is not outrageous.

What I love about this card is that you get some pretty good performance in the phone and at this price point that is a major win.

If you feel you can go up in budget, then you could always choose to upgrade your memory with the 200GB Micro SD. The price tag is not too bad and you really have the chance to upgrade the memory on Stylus 3 without destroying your bank account.

With 200GB of storage space, you definitely get a major increase in storage space and you won’t have to worry about the phone filling up anytime soon. This is a great option if you plan on taking a ton of pictures/videos and need all the space you can get.

The 64GB card is super popular, simply because of its cheap price and the storage space it delivers. While it is not a massive amount of memory in today’s world, it is still a good fit for the Stylo 3.

If you don’t like spending money or don’t think you need all that space, then the 64GB is a good option to consider.

It took me a bit of time to make a decision if I should list this card or not. Because it’s so pricey, I wasn’t sure if having it on the list made sense. Nevertheless, this is one of the must have cards as it pertains to storage space, irrespective of the cost.

256GB is an insane amount of storage and if you want performance for your phone, this card can easily deliver it. You don’t have to worry about your phone filling up, especially if you take a lot of pictures and videos.

While the price is a turn off for most people, if you feel that this is something you need to have and it works with your budget, then I’d surely push this up the list and say that this really is a must have microsd card for your Stylo 3.

What’s The Largest Card That Works in the LG Stylo 3?

In the documentation, the biggest MicroSD card that will work in the Stylus 3 is the 256GB MicroSDXC card.

Bear in mind that the LG Stylo 3 is only available in a 16 GB model, so you are definitely going to need to upgrade the storage space on the phone.

While the 256GB MicroSD is a good option to consider, 200GB, 128GB, 64GB and 32GB MicroSD cards are all smaller sized choices to consider if you’re not trying to shell out a huge amount of cash on upgrading the memory of the phone.

Choosing the Right Card

Exactly how do you go about selecting the most appropriate LG Stylo 3 memory card? To be honest, the correct answer is not so straightforward, as the memory card that you buy is dependent on how you use the phone.

My first recommendation would be to go out and get the biggest MicroSDXC card you can afford. The key reason why is that prices of memory cards are so inexpensive and you can buy a few of the higher capacity memory cards at a very good price. These storage cards are an incredible addition to the cell phone, primarily if you realize that you are continuously running out of space.

As I mentioned above, the Stylus 3 only has 16GB of internal space, so it is going to run out of storage in no time. At least with some of the bigger sized cards, you can be sure that the phone will not get filled up, especially at an in-opportune time.

Will Older Cards Work?

If you have older sized SD cards sitting around (32GB, 16GB, 8GB & 4GB), then these will work in the Stylo 3, you should be aware that if the card is not fast enough, you might encounter some performance issues, especially if you plan on saving apps to the card. If you are just using them for storage, then there should be no problems with them in the phone.

The only downside is that if you are heavy smartphone user who saves a lot of pictures of videos, you will eventually find that these cards simply are not cutting it and you will look to bump up from the many different sizes we listed above.

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  1. Why is it LG says can upgrade to 2 TB when tbhe biggest you can get is 256GB. Please answer that Question

  2. MicroSDXC cards start at 64GB and go all the way to 2 TB. 1 or 2 TB cards don’t exist (well at least to the general public), but if they were available, the would work perfectly fine in the phone.

    So the only card you can upgrade the Stylo 3 to is the 256GB MicroSD card

  3. The Samsung 256GB card is very pricey indeed at $189.99, but the SanDisk Ultra 256GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter (SDSQUNI-256G-GN6MA) is much cheaper at 124.98 on Amazon. Any reason not to use that instead?

  4. The Boost sight says “Your phone can support SD cards up to 32 GB.” That is so different than what is said here! What is going on with this!? I would like one bigger but don’t want to waste money.

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