Kingston 32GB Datatraveler USB Flash Drive


The 32GB Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drive is a must have mobile storage device for people who are looking for space and reliability. It is extremely small and portable, which means you won’t be bulked down with extra weight. It’s large storage capacity means that you will be able to store large amounts of files such as documents, pictures, music and movies without any problems. The Kingston 32GB Pen Drive is fast and you will be able to copy files quickly, which means you won’t be tied down to your computer waiting for important files to copy when you need to be on the go. If you are looking for a data storage that is big enough, reliable and speedy, then you should consider the 32 GB Kingston Flash Drive.

The Kingston 32GB Datatraveler USB Pen Drive comes with a 5 year warranty as well as 24/7 tech support. This gives you added assurance about the reliability of your drive.

Different 32GB Kingston Flash Drive Models

Kingston offers a wide variety of 32GB DataTraveler pen drives. These drives all offer something different from transfer speed, price and much more. The most popular 32GB Kingston Pen Drive’s will be listed below:

32GB Kingston DataTraveler 150 USB Flash Drive

The Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 150 is the most 32GB flash drive available. The 32GB Datatraveler 150 is perfect forkingston-32gb-datatraveler-150 professionals or corporate executives were looking for a high-capacity device that will give them the ability to store large amounts of electronic data and files. The 32GB Kingston Datatraveler 150 comes at a great price for a device that does so much. If you’re looking for great value for your money, as well as exceptional storage space, then you should consider this product.

Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 100 Flash Drive

kingston-32gb-datatraveler-100The 32GB Kingston DataTraveler 100 USB flash drive is the second most popular product in this class. The Datatraveler 100 is sleek, stylish, and affordable and it is able to conveniently hold large files. The size of the DataTraveler 100 is around that of a pocketknife and it will not be a burden to the person carrying it. If you are looking for a nice storage device then the Kingston 32GB pen drive is a must have.

Other Kingston 32GB USB Drives

There are other types of 32GB Pen drives available from Kingston. These are not as popular or more expensive.

  • Kingston 32GB DataTraveler Generation 1 USB Flash Drive
  • Kingston 32GB DataTraveler Generation 2 USB Pen Drive
  • Kingston 32GB DataTraveler HyperX USB Flash Drive
  • Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 120 USB Flash Drive
  • Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 410 USB Flash Drive
  • Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 112 USB Flash Drive
  • Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 200 USB Flash Drive

32GB Kingston Flash Drive Cost

The price of the Kingston 32GB Pen Drive is dependent on many different factors. It will cost less or more expensive depending on the type of flash drive you buy as well as the features you want it to do.

DataTraveler Type – There are different Kingston data traveler models and each one is priced differently. Depending on what you want out of your DataTraveler You should expect to pay a different price.

Speed – Some of the Kingston  Datatraveler prices are dependent on the speed. The faster the device, the more you will pay. Speed is not that important if you will be copying small amounts of files or you want to save money. If that is the case then you should really purchase cheaper models.

Looks – Some of the DataTravelers look better than others. So aside from speed, some of these will cost more. It is up to you to determine if you if this worth the price of the 32GB Kingston Flash Drive.

Kingston 32GB DataTraveler Flash Drive Review

The 32GB Kingston DataTraveler 150 Pen Drive was able to provide me with the data storage that I needed. I was tired of having multiple drives and decided to go off and get the popular 32GB flash drive from Kingston.

So far I really have no complaints regarding this particular drive. It is able to hold out the data that I need and the transfer speed is decent. You need to copy small amount of files, then this drive should be no problem. If you want to fill it up, it will take around ½ an hour. I am sure there are faster drives from Kingston but they will be much pricier. The low price of the DataTraveler 150 was what pushed me to get it and I cannot complain. It is an excellent drive and a great price. It works well and it does what I need it to do.

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