How Many Songs Can 2GB Hold?

How Many Songs Can 2 GB Hold?
How Much Music Can a 2 GB Memory Card Hold?

Ok so you ended on this page as I am pretty sure you are trying to figure out how much music your memory card can hold. If you have a 2GB card, it is pretty simple to find out how many songs can 2GB hold, once you do a little bit of math.

Before I break down the storage space of the card, all of this is based on estimates. Due to a wide variety of factors, memory cards will be able to hold a lot more or less songs.

How Many Songs Can Fit on a 2 GB Memory Card?

You will usually find that the average mp3 size is about 4-5 MB. This can be a lot more or less; it depends on many different factors such as the length of the song, bitrate and so much more.

To make things easier, 2000 MB makes 2GB

  • 2 GB = 2000 MB
  • 2000 MB divided by 4 MB = 500 mp3 songs
  • 2000 MB divided by 5 MB = 400 mp3 songs

In taking it back to elementary school with the simple division, it is easy to see that a 2 GB SD card (or Micro SD) can easily hold around 400 – 500 MP3 songs. As stated above, this could be more or less all of this is determined by different factors.


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  1. Thanks so much for this information. I just got my first iPod shuffle and wasn’t sure how many trax to try loading onto it!

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