How Many Songs Can a 128GB Memory Card Hold?


How much music can you store on 128GB? Simple question, but do you know the answer? It isn’t difficult to figure it out, all you have to do is a bit of math. I know many of you would rather Google the answer, that’s why you are here right? Well, below is a quick guide that will give you the answer you are looking for.

You should be aware that my answer is all based on estimates and you should know that you should be able to store more or less songs, it really depends on so many different factors.

How Many Songs Can Fit on a 128 GB Memory Card?

  • To start things off, we are going to use the average size of an MP3, which is around 4-5 MB.
  • For easier calculations, around 128000 MB makes 128GB
  • 128 GB = 128000 MB
  • 128000 MB divided by 4 MB =32,000 mp3 songs
  • 64000 MB divided by 5 MB = 25,600 mp3 songs.

As you can see, 128GB should easily hold anywhere from 25,000 – 33,000 songs. That is really A LOT and you have to remember that this is all estimated. You could possibly fit a lot more or less, it really depends on so many factors. Whichever way you look it at, you should be able to pack the memory card full of music for years!

I expanded the size range, just so you can get an idea of the music storage possibility based on MP3 size.

MP3 Size # of MP3’s
4MB 32,000
5MB 25,600
6MB 21,333
7MB 18,285


Since we are having some fun, might as well give you an idea as to how many albums you should expect 128 GB to hold.

  • An album is about 12-16 songs on average
  • We will then say that an average album will have 14 tracks
  • Using the MP3 size of 4 MB, 32,000/14 = 2,285 albums
  • Using the MP3 size of 5 MB, 25,600/14 = 1,828 albums
MP3 Size # of Albums
4MB 2,285
5MB 1,828
6MB 1,524
7MB 1,306

If you are a super collector, this is more than enough space to hold all your tunes!

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  1. I have 56 songs in my yamaha motif es8. How much storage would need if the each song average’s 7 minute’s per song? Should I buy the 128mb or the 32 gb storage cards?

  2. 128GB cards are pretty cheap now, so go with that if you can afford it. You will always have need for storage space.

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