How Many Songs Can 256GB Hold?


So you want to know how much music you can store on 256 GB?  When you take a look at it, 256GB is A LOT of memory and if it is one thing I can guarantee, is that it is going to be able to store tons upon tons of songs. Well, that’s why are here anyway right?

To help answer your question about song storage, I have created a little guide that will showcase how much music you can expect to store.

Before we get into it, you should be aware that the method that I’m using below is based on estimates and you can definitely hold a lot more or less, it really depends on a variety of factors.

How Many Songs Can Fit on 256 GB?

To give you an idea of how much music can fit on 256GB of memory, I am going to use some basic math and estimates. From there we should have a general idea as to how much you can expect the memory to hold.


  • The size on an MP3 depends on a variety of factors. The length of the song, encoded bitrate and more all contribute to the size. For this guide, we are going to generally say that MP3’s will tend to have a size of 4-5 MB.
  • To make the calculations easier, 256000 MB is more or less equal to 256GB
  • 256 GB = 256000 MB
  • 256000 MB divided by 4 MB =64,000 mp3 songs
  • 256000 MB divided by 5 MB = 51,200 mp3 songs.

Below is a little chart showing you how much songs the storage space should hold, dependent on the MP3 average file size.

MP3 Size # of MP3’s
4MB 64,000
5MB 51,200
6MB 42,666
7MB 36,571

With our little math lesson out of the way, you can easily see that if you plan to fill up 256 GB with music, it is estimated that it can take 18,000 – 32,000 songs.


Ok since we are having fun, might as well try and do some math to see how many music albums could hold on 256 GB of memory.

  • An album is about 12-16 songs on average
  • We will then say that an average album will have 14 tracks
  • Using the MP3 size of 4 MB, 64,000/14 = 4,570 albums
  • Using the MP3 size of 5 MB, 51,200/14 = 3,657 albums
MP3 Size # of Albums
4MB 4,570
5MB 3,657
6MB 3,047
7MB 2,612

That is a lot of albums and if you are a music collector, this is really more than you would ever need to have.

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