How Many Songs Can 1GB Hold?

How Much Music Does 1GB Hold?If you are here and you want to know how much music 1 GB can hold, then you are definitely in the right place. Once you know how much 1 gigabyte can hold, it is actually pretty easy to work out the other sizes.

The guide below will highlight the storage capacity of 1GB, along with give you some insight into how much album this storage size can also hold.

I have to add a disclaimer before I start. The information presented below is based on real world estimates and you should be aware that 1 GB can hold more or less songs, it depends on a wide variety of factors.

How Many Songs Can Fit on 1 GB?

Math is going to be our best friend in working out the storage capacity of this size. It is pretty simple, nothing requiring advance calculus or anything like that J


  • To start, the size on an MP3 is really dependent on different factors. These factors include the length of the song, encoded bitrate and more. For sake of this guide, we are going to say that an MP3s average size is around 4-5 MB.
  • To make the calculations easier, 1000 MB is more or less equal to 1GB
  • 1 GB = 1000 MB
  • 1000 MB divided by 4 MB =250 mp3 songs
  • 1000 MB divided by 5 MB = 200 mp3 songs.

Below is a little chart showing you how much songs the storage space should hold, dependent on the MP3 average file size.

MP3 Size # of MP3’s
4MB 250
5MB 200
6MB 167
7MB 142

So as you can see, 1 GB of memory should be able to hold around 140 – 250 songs.

Once again, this is all estimation and as mentioned above, the various factors can cause the MP3’s to have bigger file sizes, which means 1 GB can really hold more or less data. The good thing is that this really gives you a ballpark figure to work with.


Some of you want to know how many albums can be stored on 1GB. Since we already have the information above, we can once again work it out and give you an estimate as to how much albums 1 GB can hold.

  • An album is about 12-16 songs on average
  • We will then say that an average album will have 14 tracks
  • Using the MP3 size of 4 MB, 4*14 = 56 MB for an album size.
  • Using the album size of 56 MB we divide by 1GB. 1000/56 = 18 Albums
  • Using the MP3 size of 5 MB, 5*14 = 70 MB for an album size.
  • Using the album size of 70 MB we divide by 1GB. 1000/70 = 14 Albums
MP3 Size # of Albums
4MB 18
5MB 14
6MB 12
7MB 10

You should know have a pretty solid idea as to how much albums you can store on 1 GB.

If you want to look at other storage sizes, I have guides on 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 GB, 1 & 2 TB.

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