Canon A3300 IS Memory Card

Best Memory Cards for Canon Powershot A3300 IS

There are so many different memory card options available for the Canon Powershot A3300 IS digital camera. If you want low prices, great deals for even more info on the cards for this device, then you are definitely in the right place. This is the ultimate resource and everything you need to know about the cards can be found right here.

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Canon Powershot A3300 IS Memory Card Types

Canon Powershot A3300 IS SD Card The Canon Powershot A3300 IS can take a variety of memory card formats. To make things clearer, I am going to look at the main differences between the different versions.

  • SD Cards – This memory card format can hold up to 4GB of images and video.
  • SDHC Cards – This memory card format can hold up to 32GB of images and video.
  • SDXC Cards – This memory card format can upwards of 48GB of images and video.
  • Micro SD (With SD Adapter) – This memory card format can hold up to 4GB of images and video.
  • Micro SDHC (With SD Adapter) – This memory card that can hold up to 32GB of images and video.

People are always asking us what is the difference between SD, SDHC and SDXC cards? The answer to this question is that there is no difference between these formats. These cards are physically the same, what makes them unique is that they all have different maximum storage capacities.

SD cards can hold up to 4GB worth of pictures and video.

SDHC cards can hold up to 32GB worth of pictures and video.

SDXC cards can hold 48GB – 2TB worth of pictures and video.

Other Vital Memory Card Information

If you are planning on getting a memory card for the A3300 IS, you should be aware that a pardon from storage sizes, memory cards will also have different speed ratings. The speed ratings that are found on memory cards, are there to indicate how quickly data can be read/written directly to the card. SD and SDHC cards have speed ratings of 2, 4, 6 and 10. SDXC cards speed ratings go from Class 4, 6 and 10. SDXC cards also have another speed rating known as Ultra High Speed (UHS)

  • Class 2 – Minimum of 2 MB/s performance. (Slowest)
  • Class 4 – Minimum of 4 MB/s performance. (Average)
  • Class 6 – Minimum of 6 MB/s performance.  (Above Average)
  • Class 10 – Minimum of 10 MB/s performance. (Fastest)
  • UHS-1 (SDXC CARDS) – Speeds up to 104 MB/s.

If you want our recommendation for which speed card to use in the Canon A3300 IS, then we would tell you to spend the money on the Class 4, 6 or 10. The performance these card speeds are able to deliver, make them the perfect options for the camera. This is really important when you are taking pictures on high settings.

For more detailed info on memory card speeds, check out

What Size Canon A3300 IS SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Should I Get?

Canon A3300 IS Memory CardThere are so many different SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards for the A3300 IS. When choosing to get one, you need to determine just how much space (pictures and videos), you think you will be taking. SD Cards come in sizes from 1GB, 2GB and 4GB. SDHC cards are available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sizes. SDXC cards come in 48GB, 64GB and 128GB sizes.

People always ask for our recommendation as it relates to buy in a memory card for the Powershot A3300 IS. Based off or experience, it is always a good idea to get one of the higher capacity memory cards, simply because they offer a lot of storage space and they are not very expensive. There is nothing worse than having a memory card fill up too quickly, as the storage spaces in adequate. Great memory card options are the 16GB and 32GB SDHC cards. If you have some money to spend, then you can also take a look at the 48GB and 64GB SDXC cards.

How Much Data Can Hold on a Canon A3300 IS Memory Card?

OK, now that we have explained everything that needs to be known about the Canon Powershot A3300 IS, I will now show you just how much data these cards can hold.

**The table utilizes ESTIMATED data to give a visualization as to how much can be stored on the different sized memory cards. You should be aware that the memory cards will be able to hold more or less, depending on different settings and factors.

Images Raw Video: 640X480 Video: 1280X720
4GB 1,946 268 43 min 25 min
8GB 3,892 536 1 hr 26 min 50 min
16GB 7,784 1072 2 hr 52 min 1hr 40 min
32GB 15,568 2144 5 hr 42 min 3 hr 20 min
48GB 23,352 3216 8 hr 32 min 5 hr
64GB 31,136 4288 11 hr 22 min 6 hr 40 min

If you want to find out about the camera settings and how much data the various cards will hold, check out the Canon A3300IS Specification Sheet.

Best Memory Card for the Canon Powershot A3300 IS

Below are my best memory card picks for the Canon Powershot A3300 IS.


  • The #1 card we recommend for the Canon Powershot A3300 IS, has got to be the Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card. This card is simply amazing and it has so much going for it. It is very fast (Class 10) and the 32GB storage space is enough to hold all your movies and pictures. When you buy memory cards from Transcend, you will be getting a quality product that will deliver excellent performance. This is by far the best memory card for the A3300 IS.
  • If the 32GB card is a bit too pricey, then the 16GB Transcend SDHC is also another good alternative. This card has ample storage space to keep all your photos and videos that you will generate with the A3300IS. This card is pretty cheap, but one of the things that I do love about it is that it is also a Class 10. Many cards in this Speed Class size are expensive, but this is not the case with this Transcend card.

*Compatibility Issues

If you got either a SDHC or SDXC card, one thing you need to be certain of is if it has the ability to read those card formats. Many of the older computers/laptops come with SD card readers. These SD readers will not be able to read none of the new card formats. If you want a SDHC/SDXC card reader, you can always get one for cheap. If you are looking for one, you can GET ONE HERE.

4 thoughts on “Canon A3300 IS Memory Card”

  1. I’m shopping for a 32GB SDHC card and am concerned about the pure expense of a class 10 card at that high capacity when it’s not necessary for my Canon A3300 IS. So, I ran some tests.

    I’ve got three SD cards: two 1GB unclassified, and one 4GB class 4. I tested all three of them in Continuous Mode, shooting six rapid-fire photos and they all took the same time: 7.5 seconds, or 1.25 seconds per shot, or 0.8 shots per second, which matches the specifications in the manual.

    So, my question is should I spend extra money on a faster class card, like class 6 or 10? I have multiple devices and wish to eventually want to buy the Canon EOS T3i and use this 32GB card in it.

    Comments would be appreciated.


    -=- Craig A. Lance

  2. Hi Craig, thanks for visiting the site.

    To answer your question when it comes to the 32GB cards, you wont be saving much money if you decide to go with some of the lower card speeds. This Class 10 32GB SDHC (Best Value for Money) is actually cheaper than a couple Class 2, 4 & 6 cards out there.

    Lets say you had one of the slower speeds and upgraded to the Canon EOS T3i, you might run into some problems if you are taking rapid-fire photos or HD video. In fact, when it comes to shooting HD video, it is highly recommended that you get a Class 6 or higher card.

    At the end of the day you wont be saving any money if you try to go with the slower cards, as they are about the same price as the Class 10 (and at times more expensive). If you want a cheaper card, then the 16GB SDHC is another option to check out and just like the 32GB, the Class 10 is the best value for money as it is cheaper than some Class 2 cards.

  3. Hello Rani,

    The Canon A3300 IS is able to take SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. You should have no problem putting the SDHC card in there, unless the card is faulty.

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