Wireless Memory Card Reader


The wireless memory card reader is another invention that we tried to determine if it existed, while at the same time getting detailed information on it.

It seems that a WiFi memory card reader does not exist. However, in my research I found someone has patented the idea. Essentially they are wireless memory card reader wants to “provide wireless communication with Universal Series Bus (USB) interface with for a memory card, and a method of using the card reader.”

They intend on having a card reader without the wires. This would result in a memory card reader that was smaller, lighter and thinner as there would be no worry about wires and other obstructions. It also seems that sending and receiving data wirelessly is the future.

This is kinda a good idea as I really hate wires. Aside from that, I really can’t see a device like this working too well. It cuts out some of the hassle of connecting the card and uploading to the computer, but how would this device be powered? I guess we will have to wait and see, maybe I will eat my own words.

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