Sony Xperia M5 Memory Card

sony-xperia-m5For those of you who are searching for a Sony Xperia M5 memory card, consider yourself lucky as you ended up on the right page.

Below, I am going to look at the three top rated memory cards for this top of the line smartphone. All of the cards that I have listed below were recommended based on their performance, price and storage capacity.

The Best Sony Xperia M5 MicroSD Card

We have already established that you will need a memory card for your smartphone. While we know you need to increase the storage capacity of the phone, you are probably unsure of the available choices.  When comparing the top memory cards options, you should note that they often have 4 things in common: The cards deliver great storage capacity, has excellent performance, are high speed and most importantly, they are moderately priced.

You find that a lot of people are drawn to the 128GB MicroSDXC card, as it finds the sweet spot of delivering a good amount of storage space and the price is not something that will hurt your pocket.

This is a  high quality card and it is a perfect fit for your Xperia M5. If you are looking to upgrade your memory, I would highly recommended this.

The 200GB SanDisk card is also a pretty good option to consider, especially if you are someone who needs a ton of space on their phone. The price is not ridiculously crazy and it can be a great addition that your M5 needs, especially if you are a data hog.

64GB memory cards are cheap and increase the storage space of your Xperia M5 drastically. This option from SanDisk has excellent performance, is fast and cheap. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular options around, simply because this card delivers.

I listed this massive storage card simply because some people want to have the biggest and best memory upgrade for their phone.

256GB is a lot of storage space, however you will be able to record videos and take pictures with no problems. The only downside is the price, as this card is really expensive. However, if you can justify the cost, then it is something that will transform your phone for the better.

Do I Really Need a Memory Card for the Phone?

Some of you might be wondering if you really need to spend the extra money to get to upgrade the memory of the Sony Xperia M5 smart phone. My answer to this question is a definite yes. The reason for that is the M5 only comes with 16 GB of internal storage. Some of that will are a bit taken up by the android operating system and you can easily fill up the remainder with apps, pictures, videos and music if you have a collection that you like the car with you on the go.

A memory card is a pretty sound investment, simply because you can store all your important data on it, without having to worry about filling up the internal storage of your cell phone.

Memory cards are also pretty inexpensive, so you will not be paying an arm and a leg to fully upgrade the storage capacity of your phone.

What to Know About Picking the Card for Your Phone?

Memory cards that are used in the phone will be different on each Sony Xperia M5 user. There’s no one card that will fit everyone. The key factor boils down to how you plan on using your cellphone. The options above highlight an overall picture of memory cards that have worked for Sony Xperia M5 users.

If you use the Phone A lot

If you have a cellphone and realize you’ve got a lot of apps, pictures and videos. Then selecting a high-capacity Micro SDXC card is a wise decision to expand your phone’s storage. The more space you have, is the less you have to worry about it filling up too quickly.  Remember, the M5 does not really have a lot of internal memory, so it would be a good idea to go with larger card options such as 64GB, 128GB or a 256GB .

If you Use the Phone Normally

The greater percentage of Xperia M5 users would without a doubt fall into this category. The average user that drops into this group has a small amount of images, a few songs and possibly a few downloaded videos but nothing considerable that would demand a huge memory card. For the normal user, memory cards of 32GB, 64GB or even 128GB are generally suitable for them. Added to your built-in storage capacity, these memory upgrades will make a big impact.

If you barely use the Phone

If you primarily use the phone to make phone calls and you take the occasional picture or video, then storage space isn’t really an issue for you. By the looks of it, the internal storage of your mobile phone should be adequate. Even if this is true, I still recommend that you get one of the cheaper cards, which could serve as backup for your data. Even though there are 8GB & 16GB cards available, they are basically the same price as a 32GB, so it is best to go with the biggest option.

Understanding Memory Card Speed

What’s the hype surrounding the speed rating of a memory card? The card speed rating is really there to indicate how quickly the memory card is at reading/writing data.

You are going to need a memory card that’s fast enough, primarily if you are thinking about taking HD video and also high quality pictures. All of the cards I mentioned in this article have more than enough speed as it relates to the Sony Xperia M5, so you will be good to go on the speed side.

If you are interested in knowing what is the minimum card speed to use in the phone, it is recommended that you go with a Class 10 card, however a Class 6 card can also get the job done, it is just slower.

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