Sony Xperia E4 Memory Card

Sony Xperia E4If you are a memory card newbie, then I am pretty sure the numerous options that you have researched can easily make you confused.

You have to look at all the important elements such as speed, performance and reliability. How do you determine which one works best with your device without actually testing them out?

Well fret not, as I have highlighted the highest rated performing memory cards for the Sony Xperia E4. I will also give you bonus information as it relates to these storage cards, which will prove to be very useful.

Best Sony Xperia E4 Memory Cards

There are way too many memory cards from which to choose and it can be so frustrating trying to choose from the hundreds available. I’ve spent the time researching and recommending the best 3 options available for your Xperia E4. The biggest thing that I look on, is value for money, but these cards are graded on the amount of storage space that they can deliver along with overall performance.

Is a Memory Card for my Phone an Absolute Must?

If you look at most Sony devices, you will realize that they come with a good amount of internal storage. With the Sony Xperia E4, customers have the option to purchase a cellphone with a storage option of only 8GB.

8GB is a paltry amount of storage space and that is why it is strongly recommended that all consumers obtain secondary storage (that is, Micro SD cards).

A lot of people do not recognize how quickly their mobile phone storage fills up after only a couple of weeks. For the social butterfly who’s always on the move: using new apps, snapping videos, taking selfies and generally exploring all the superb options that Sony offers, you’re eventually going to run out of space. A SD card is the easy and quick fix; and you will be back to doing what you love.

The good thing is memory cards are so inexpensive that they won’t burn a hole in your wallet. For only a few bucks, you can purchase a highly-rated card that is guaranteed to last. Your phone storage will be upgraded and the fear of running out of space will be no more.

What to Know About Memory Card Speed

The speed rating of a memory card, what you really need to know about it. The one thing that you need to concentrate on is that a memory card’s speed rating is determined by how fast the info can be written/read to the card. If you’re going to be using your phone to take top quality pics, then you are definitely going to need a card that is fast. You will not need to worry if you consider any of the cards that I outlined previously at the start of the article. The really are fast enough for the Xperia E4, but I will nonetheless emphasize some more useful info on memory card speed below.

Choosing the Right Card For Your Phone

Unfortunately there’s no one SD card that will work for all Sony Xperia E4 users. When choosing a card, the most important factor that should be taken into consideration is how you are planning on using the mobile phone. The alternatives above represent a general snapshot of memory cards that have worked for Sony Xperia E4 users. If you want a more accurate view of a card that is best suited for your needs, continue reading.

For the Heavy User:

You love your Sony Xperia E4, and you have a lot of videos, awesome apps and pictures that you simply can’t let go of. As a significant data user with a lot of downloads every day, buying the largest card for the phone is the best option. The E4 can take up to a 32GB Micro SD card and that is the size you should be considering.

For the Average User:

Most people will fall into this group.    The normal user that drops in to this category has a few photos, a couple songs and possibly a few video clips but nothing considerable that would demand a huge memory card. For the regular user, memory cards of 16GB or 32GB are generally suitable for their content. These memory alternatives will reduce your storage needs for effective use of your Sony Xperia device.

For the Light User:

If you barely use the phone, then consider smaller sized cards such as 16GB & 8GB. I should let you know that these smaller card sizes are almost the same price as a 32GB, so I would say spend the money and stick with the largest option.

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