Samsung Galaxy S8 Memory Card

So you have what many think is the best smartphone released in 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8. This phone is beastly and I know you are here looking for a memory card to not only give the phone a boost in storage, but one that will allow it to run at its peak performance.

So the question many of you have, is what is the best Samsung Galaxy S8 memory card? Below, I highlight the must have cards for this phone, as well as other information that you will definitely find useful.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 SD Card for 2017?

There are tons of memory cards out there and choosing the right one for the phone can be challenging, especially if you have no idea which direction to go in. The good thing is that all the cards listed below are a perfect fit for the S8 and they also will give the phone a considerable boost in storage space.

I absolutely love the 128GB microSD for the Samsung S8 for 2 main reasons. 128 GB is a considerable amount of storage space and when looking to increase the overall memory capacity of the phone, 128GB is the card that will get the job done

The 2nd reason why I love this card for the phone is that price wise it won’t put a major dent in your pocket. The card is not particularly expensive, especially for the performance it will give your phone.

If you want to maximize your phone, without destroying g your pockets, consider this 128 GB option.

You have a big boy phone and with that, you are going to need some big boy memory. While the 128GB card is a good fit, for some people, they need a bit more. This is where the 200GB card drops into play. With the 200GB MicroSD card, you are able to give your S8 a significant increase in storage space, without the crazy pricing and you can feel secure that you won’t have to worry about running out of memory.

The 200GB is a great option if you are someone who will be taking a lot of pictures or videos (4K video) or you have a massive music/movie collection that you have to carry with your on the go.

The Samsung S8 ships with 64GB on internal memory and while that is not a lot of storage space in today’s world, if you are someone who just needs a slight bump in memory for the phone, then you could look at the 64GB MicroSD card as an option.

64 GB microSD cards are still a popular option for a reason. They are cheap and give your phone the storage that you are looking for. While it is not massive like 128GB, 200GB & 256GB cards, if you are regular user, the 64GB can suffice.

While these cards are still popular, some people opt for paying a bit more for the higher capacity cards, simply because they don’t want to worry about upgrading at some point in the future.

If you own the S8, I would say that the 256GB MicroSD is a must……however the reality is that it is expensive and some people can’t justify the price tag for a memory upgrade.

If you do plan on getting the 256GB card, it is such a great fit with the Galaxy S8. You are able to max out your storage space and it is a great accompaniment if you are planning to shoot a lot of 4K video. With this card you also don’t have to worry about the phone’s storage filling up.

Do I Really Need a Memory Card for the S8?

The answer is yes, yes, yes. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S8 ships with 64GB of internal memory, seasoned smartphone know that a memory upgrade is a must.

With today’s

Adoptable Storage

OK, What Size Should I Get?

In the perfect world, everyone who reads this blog is sitting on a ton load of money.

So for all you money boys, the best thing is to purchase 2 256 GB cards for your S8 and that would be the end of the story.

The reality is that a lot of you are broke like me and the thought of spending anywhere from $250-300 for 2 memory cards is not what you wanted to hear. 256GB cards are expensive and if you plan on taking advantage of the Samsung S8’s adoptable storage (which you should be) you are going to need 2 memory cards that won’t wreak havoc on your wallet.

So I will just say that the card/cards you end up getting will often come down to what you can afford.

You will

  • 2 64Gb cards
  • 1 64GB 1 128Gb
  • 2 128gb

Those 3 combinations are what you are going to find most people opting for, simply because they are theost cost effective and will give the phone a significant boost in storage space.

For those who need more storage space, the 200GB and 256GB are other options to consider

So to get back on track. The size card you should get for your phone will really depend on a variety of options. Are you just using it as extra storage? Do you plan on taking advantage of adoptable storage? Do you have a small or large budget when it comes to memory cards? Once you can answer a few of those questions, you should be better equipped to decide on the size memory to go with.

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