Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Memory Card


The Samsung Note 3 phone, tablet, phablet, whatever you want to call it is an awesome device. You can basically do anything with it and you are absolutely going to enjoy playing around with it for a very long time.

If you are looking to upgrade the memory, whether you are filling it up quickly, or you just want to have enough space so you are not worrying about deleting videos or pictures, then you have landed on the right page.

So What Memory Cards Work With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

microsd-optionsIt can be a bit confusing and difficult if you are not really familiar with memory cards and you might not know what works with what. Well for the Note 3 and the Note 3 Neo, this phablet will be able to take 3 different types.

While these cards are all the same physical size, they will hold different sizes of data on them.

Micro SD – The MicroSD can hold up to 4GB of music, pictures and video.

Micro SDHC– The MicroSDHC at can hold up to 32GB of music, pictures and video.

Micro SDXC For the Note 3 specifically, it will be able to hold up to 64GB of data.


Do I Need a Memory Card for My Note 3?

It really depends on how you will be using your phablet, but it is a pretty good idea to invest in the biggest size you can get. Even though it has ample internal storage, you will find that it can easily fill up, especially if you download a ton of apps, take pictures and video. You would be surprised that you are going to start deleting to stuff, once the internal memory starts to fill up.

So since I know you are going to be buying memory, it is a good idea to go with some of the larger sizes available.

8GB, 16GB MicroSDHC cards are pretty cheap and they can give you a bump of memory, without having to spend a lot to get them.

32GB MicroSDHC and 64GB MicroSDXC will be perfect if you are a video and picture

How Much Data Will the Memory Card Hold?

It is always good to get an idea to know how much more data can be stored on your memory card, especially if you are looking to upgrade. For the Note 3, I will show you just about how much storage you can expect the card to hold.

For the table sizes, I used estimates such as:

Apps – 10MB
MP3 – 5 MB
Movies -700MB
720P Video – 4GB/1 Hour
Pictures – 2MB




720P Video






1 Hour






2 Hours






4 Hours






8 Hours






16 Hours



My Recommendation of the Best Memory Cards for the Note 3

There are ton of memory options for the Note 3 and you can always go with a cheaper/smaller size or a bit more expensive/larger capacity. The choice is yours.

I will recommend 3 options that are a good fit for the Note 3/ Note 3 Neo and will provide you with more than enough storage space

SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC

SanDisk makes some excellent memory card options and with the 64GB size, you will have not have to worry about memory storage running out. You will have ample space for your videos, pictures, apps, movies, games and everything else. It is a minimal cost to get the biggest sized card and honestly, you will not regret going this big.

SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC

If you don’t need so much memory space, then the 32GB offering from SanDisk is also a good option. The main thing that stands out is the price. For this memory size, the price is pretty low, especially for what you are getting.

Transcend 32GB MicroSDHC

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