Samsung Galaxy J7 Memory Card

If you landed on this web page because you are looking for a memory card for your Samsung J7, then you are definitely in the right place.

Below, I highlight the must-have memory cards for this phone, along with other information that you are going to find pretty useful. All the memory cards that I recommend, are going to be the absolute best options on the market for your smartphone because they not only give the performance you are searching for, but also the much needed storage space.

The Best Samsung Galaxy J7 SD Cards?

I am aware can be incredibly tough trying to determine which card is suited best for your Samsung J7. I made this guide to give you some insight into the different options available and which one is a perfect fit for your smartphone.

As it relates to the Samsung J7, if you want to max out its performance, you’re certainly going to need to invest in some storage. I love the 128GB MicroSD memory card as the go to option, simply because it delivers a good amount of storage space at a price that is very affordable.

This microSD card has some of the best performance around and because it does not cost an arm and a leg, you get the best of both worlds.

If you think that 128GB is just not going to cut it and you need to really maximize the storage space on the J7, then the 200GB MicroSD from SanDisk is something to think about. You get a significant increase in storage space and the pricing of this card is not outrageous.

This is a good card to have if you download a lot of apps, take a lot of pictures/videos or just have a massive music collection.

Some people don’t need as much space as what the cards above offer. If you just need a slight boost in storage, you can always go with the 64GB MicroSDXc card. You won’t be getting ridiculous amounts of storage space, but what the 64GB card is able to deliver, it works for most people. The good thing about this particular memory card is that it does not cost a lot of money, so you can spend a couple of dollars and upgrade your phone just like that.

While the 64GB card is still popular, you find more and more people switching to the 128GB because of how much space it offers at the given price point.

I had some concerns in listing this 256GB memory card, simply because it is expensive, but I realized I should be highlighting the best options for the Samsung J7. So if you ignore the cost, the 256GB MicroSD card is one of the best, if not, the best option to have for the J7.

This card functions flawlessly in the Samsung J7 and the big selling point is the amount of storage space that it is able to deliver. If the price is in line with your budget, then I would certainly push this up the list and say that this is a must-have memory card to own.

What’s The Biggest Size Card that Works in the Samsung J7?

Based off the phone’s documentation, the largest memory card that will work with the Samsung Galaxy J7 is the 256GB MicroSDXC card.

The 256GB card is beastly and even though it is very pricey, this memory card option is the best option out there, as it will significantly transform your smartphone.

The Samsung J7 can take a variety of memory cards and you will find that people usually go with card sizes such as 200GB, 128GB and 64GB. All these card sizes have their pros and cons, the one that works best really depends on how you plan on using the microSD card with the phone.

How to Choose the Right Card for the J7?

Should you be looking to upgrade the memory on the Samsung Galaxy J7, what’s the best way to select the right card for it? The microsd that you buy for your mobile phone will definitely be dependent on how you intend on using the device.

My first recommendation would be to go out and get the biggest MicroSDXC card to suit your budget. Why I say buy the largest card possible is due to the fact that SD card prices aren’t overly expensive and you can get a high capacity card at really good prices. These storage cards are a great addition to the cellphone, primarily if you realize that you are always running out of space.

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