Samsung Galaxy J5 Memory Card

Samsung Galaxy J5 SD CardIf you are looking to find information on the best Samsung Galaxy J5 SD Card, then you are definitely in the right place.

Below, I will highlight the top-rated cards for this amazing smart phone, as well as some other information that you will find to be very useful.

The Best Samsung Galaxy J5 SD Card?

I know it can be extremely difficult looking through the countless numbers of memory cards available and trying to find that perfect one that is the right fit for your mobile phone. I solve that issue below.

If you keep reading, you will see the top-rated memory cards for the Samsung Galaxy J5, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right one. The cards were selected based on their performance in the phone, storage capacity and price.

If you’re looking to maximize your J5, then the most obvious thing is to increase the storage space of the phone. The best card to do this is the 128 GB MicroSD, simply because it gives a good balance as it relates to price and space. This MicroSD card delivers an outstanding level of performance that matches well with the cell phone and you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune to get one.

An alternative choice to the 128GB card is the 200GB microSD from SanDisk.  You are going to spend a bit more for this card, but it provides the storage space you are most likely looking for. If you’re someone who wants to maximize the storage space on your J5, while also not wanting to spend an arm and a leg to do so, then this is a good option to consider.

If you are looking to improve the storage capacity of your cellphone and not looking to spend too much money, then the 64GB Micro SD is another option to consider. 64GB is a decent amount of storage space and you will be able to store all your pictures, videos and apps with no problem. The good thing is, it is not expensive, so you can really give your phone an upgrade on the cheap.

I really wasn’t going to list the 256GB memory card as a top choice for the Galaxy J5, nevertheless my common sense said It would be a good idea to include it. The reason why I had my doubts, was mainly because this card really is expensive, however, it’s the right option for those who are seeking to maximize their cellphone.

This memory card delivers excellent performance in the Samsung J5 and you definitely wouldn’t have to worry about storage space any time soon, as the card is massive. If you see that this is cost-effective and something you can work with, then you should definitely look at the 256GB card as your best option offered.

How to Insert a Memory Card into the Samsung J5

Some of you might be having a problem finding the MicroSD slot for the J5, or putting a memory card in it. The video below will highlight the right way to insert the card into the phone.


What’s The Biggest Size Card that Works in the Samsung J5?

The manual for the Samsung Galaxy J5 indicates that the largest memory card that will work with the phone is a 256GB MicroSD.

As stated above, the 256GB card is the one to choose, the big downside is that it is extremely expensive.

If you find it is too expensive, you could invariably go with the smaller sizes such as a 200GB, 64gb & 128gb MicroSD card.

Information to Consider When Choosing the Phone’s Memory Card

The question a number of you might have is, how do you pick the right MicroSD that will work properly in the Samsung J5. It is not so easy to give you the correct answer, as the MicroSD card you purchase for your smart phone, depends on how you intend on using the device.

My first recommendation would be to look at what you plan on doing with the phone and look at the biggest memory card prices. Buy the biggest MicroSDXC card to suit your budget. My reasoning is that if you look at the cost of memory cards, you’ll see that they aren’t that pricey. You should not have trouble purchasing high capacity card at a very good price. If you’re someone who saves a lot of data, then the high capacity MicroSD cards are exactly what your J5 needs.

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