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Blackberry 8820 Memory Card

The Blackberry 8820 is one of those handsets that every businessman needs. The phone has countless features that make it right for the person who needs to be connected to their office. People often want to purchase memory cards for their new phone; however they are unaware as to which memory card works for the … Read more

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BlackBerry 8800 Memory Card

The Blackberry 8800 is not like every other Blackberry. It is the phone that every businessman needs. It is the perfect companion for people in business who are constantly on the go. It is like their office away from the office. People who are looking for memory cards for their new phone will often want … Read more

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Blackberry Bold Memory Card

The Blackberry Bold is one of the most exciting cell phones to date released by the company.  The popularity of the phone is seen by the thousands of people who have gone out of their way to purchase this unique device. Despite the satisfaction with the phone, many people have questions related to its use. … Read more

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Blackberry Curve 8300 Memory Cards

What Type of Memory Card Does the Blackberry Curve Use? The Blackberry Curve 8300 uses the expandable memory MicroSD and MicroSDHC. This type of memory if extremely small and it gives the phone more storage space. The memory card for the Curve will give the phone more space to hold the owners music, movies, ringtones, pictures … Read more

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