Nikon Coolpix S7000 Memory Card

Got yourself a Nikon Coolpix S7000 and you are looking for the best memory card that will work with it? Consider yourself lucky that you ended up on this page, as I am going to list the best memory cards that work with this particular camera, along with other useful information.

Best Nikon Coolpix S7000 Memory Card

I know it can be a chore trying to figure out what is the best card option for whatever you device that you may have. Below, I am going to highlight the 3 top-rated memory cards available right now that work perfectly with your camera and are regarded as some of best storage card options.

I list the 128 GB SD card as the go to option for your Nikon S7000, simply because this card is able to deliver the performance that you are looking for, the storage capacity and best of all a really good price.

128 GB is a pretty significant amount of storage space and this will work excellently for all the pictures and videos that you are going to be taken. You won’t have to worry about storage space filling up too quickly, as this card gives you a serious amount of cushioning.

Price wise, for what you are getting this is a really good deal and you can never have too much storage. Definitely a must-have for your device.

While the 64GB SD card is ½ the size of the 128Gb it is still a serious amount of storage space. I had one in my Nikon DSLR and I was able to take pictures and videos for months, before I even had to think about copying it to the cloud (I’m not a professional). Also, these SD cards are very cheap, so you are getting good value for money spent.

This is an ideal card for those who won’t be taking photos/videos every single day. It won’t fill up quickly once you are not getting professional with your camera.

You know, this 256 GB SD card should really be the number 1 option, the only reason why I did not list it is simply because it is expensive and not as cost-effective like the other cards. All in all, if you have the budget for this memory card, then I would highly recommend that you get it. With 256 GB, you definitely would not have to be worrying about storage space and it is a good option to carry along with you if you are going traveling or just taking shots of the new baby (you will have pictures daily)

You Listed 3 Options, How Do I Choose?

Ideally, I think you should get the biggest sized card, simply because you are going to have a need for that amount of space, sooner than later. However, try to stick with a card that works with your budget. The 128GB SD card is really great, but if you just don’t have that money, go with the 64GB SD card or even smaller with a 32GB SD card.

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