If you have a cell phone, then you know the importance of having extra storage space. If you want to have your movie and music collection on the phone and take tons of pictures and videos, then extra space is necessary. One of the best sized cards to get for your mobile phone is the 8GB MicroSDHC.

Who Makes the Best 8GB MicroSDHC Cards?

If you are looking at getting the Best 8GB Micro SD card, then consider these manufacturers: SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston and Lexar. These memory cards from these companies have been show to provide excellent performance, as well as being a quality product.

Sandisk 8GB MicroSDHC – Sandisk are the leaders when it comes to Memory Cards. They are by far the most popular company out there. Their 8GB MicroSDHC cards are developed for those individuals who are in need of high capacity storage space for their mobile phones.

Transcend 8GB MicroSDHC – Transcend is a pretty good company and their MicroSDHC cards are some of the most popular out there. Right now the 8GB MicroSD offering from Transcend is both a Class 2 and Class 4 card. The prices of the two cards are not that different, so if you can spring for the Class 4, then go ahead and get it.

Kingson 8GB MicroSDHC – Kingston also is known for making excellent MicroSDHC cards. If you are looking at getting a Class 4 or Class 10.

Lexar 8GB MicroSDHC – Lexar is another company that makes quality memory cards. If you buy a Lexar card, you won’t have to worry about product failure or it being inferior. The company only makes a 8GB MicroSDHC Class 10. This card is a bit expensive, but it comes with a flash memory card reader. If you are looking for a Class 10 MicroSDHC, then this is one of the better options out there.

Different Types of 8GB MicroSDHC Cards

8GB MicroSD cards all have different Speed Class Ratings.

  • Class 2 – Minimum of 2 MB/s performance. (Slowest)
  • Class 4 – Minimum of 4 MB/s performance. (Average)
  • Class 6 – Minimum of 6 MB/s performance.  (Above Average)
  • Class 10 – Minimum of 10 MB/s performance. (Fastest)

Some people are confused as to what speed card will work best in their phone. Class 2 and Class 4 cards will work with no problem. You may notice some speed differences with the faster cards, especially if you are loading apps directly from the card.

If you have plans to use the 8 GB MicroSDHC card (With SD Adapter) in different devices like a camera or camcorder, then the Class 6 or Class 10 is the way to go. A lot of the cameras/camcorders that record HD video, will use memory cards that require a minimum of Class 6. If you are not 100% sure, look at the user manual to see what speed your device will require.

How Much Data Can Hold on an 8GB Micro SD Memory Card?

The table below was made to show how much movies, music, videos and pictures can hold on a 8GB MicroSD card.

**The file sizes were all based on ESTIMATES. The 8GB card can hold more or less data, as all of this is dependent on a variety of factors. This table is there just to show how much data these memory cards can hold.

MP3’s Movies 640×480 Video 720 HD Video Images
4GB 800 5 8 min 1 Hour 2000
8GB 1600 10 64 min 2 Hours 4000
16GB 800 20 2 Hours 4 Hours 8000
32GB 6400 40 4 Hours 8 Hours 16,000

Is it an 8GB Micro SD or 8 GB Micro SDHC?

People are always asking us if there is a real different between the 8GB Micro SD or 8GB Micro SDHC card? There seems to be some confusion as it relates to the differences between the two cards. To clarify things, these two cards are really the same thing. They have the same shape, size and have the same physical attributes. The main difference between the cards is that they all have different storage capacities.

Micro SD cards can hold up to 64MB – 4GB worth of music, video and pictures.

Micro SDHC cards can hold up to 8GB – 8GB worth of music, video and pictures.

Because Micro SD cards came out first, many people just got used to the name. If someone is asking for a 8GB Micro SD card, technically they are looking for a MicroSDHC, seeing that 8GB MicroSD  cards does not exist.

**If you have a device that only supports SD, then it will not be able to read SDHC cards. This can be changed if the manufacturer updates the devices firmware to read SDHC. Please check your user manual to get an idea as to what type of memory your device will be able to use.

Best Place to Get 8GB MicroSDHC Cards

If you are searching for some pretty good deals on the 8GB MicroSD memory card, then your best option is to locate cards on Amazon.com.  Amazon has a really nice selection of memory cards the prices that they have are really good. If you want good deals, then this is the way to go.

Ebay – Ebay has some really low prices for their memory cards, but I would STAY AWAY from them. The reason for that is that some of the sellers on there are unscrupulous. They will say they are selling 8GB memory cards for a given price. Once the card is purchased, when the person begins to use it, they will realize that it is a fake and they are not getting their full memory. Because of these fakes, I say stay away and buy from more trusted sources.



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