4GB Memory Stick Micro M2

The 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2 is a pretty good memory card option, for anyone who is looking to increase the amount of memory that their Sony digital device has.

Many people opt for this card, as it is able to give the device more space to hold all the important data such as pictures, music, movies and much more. If you want to increase your devices memory, then the 4GB card is the way to go.

4GB Memory Stick Micro M2 for the PSP

If you own one of the original PSP’s or the new PSP GO, then the 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2 is one of the better storage card options out there for the system. The reason why many people like this card is that it is a decent amount of storage space and you should be able to hold all of your files easily, the good thing is that this card is also very cheap.

PSP Go – Only Memory Stick Micro M2 cards will be able to work in the PSP Go. When it comes to the 4GB size, this should provide ample storage space to keep all the movies, pictures and music you may want to carry around with you on the card.

PSP (1000, 2000 & 3000) – These PSP models all use Memory Stick Pro Duo cards and as such, the M2 will not work in it. For those of you who want to use the M2 in these PSP models (1000, 2000 & 3000), the solution is very simple. You can get a Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter that can take M2 cards. You will be able to use it in the systems with no problems.

How Much Data Can Hold on the 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2?

One of the questions that I am always getting on my website usually relates to the amount of data (videos, music and pictures) that can actually hold on the 4GB Memory Stick Micro. If you have a look on the table below, you will be able to get a visual into exactly how much data can be stored on the different sized cards.

**The data in the tables are all based on estimates, so the various cars will be able to hold a lot more or less, it really depends on a variety of factors.

Cheapest Price/Deals for the 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2

When it comes to the 4GB Memory Stick Micro M2, one of the best websites out there has definitely got to be Amazon.com. We really love this card, simply because it is able to deliver some really low prices as well as a very nice selection of memory cards. If you want even more savings, Amazon is also able to offer FREE SHIPPING. This website should be your number one option, if you’re looking to save money on this particular memory card.


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