LG K7 Memory Card

Best LG K7 Memory CardLooking to get the best LG K7 memory card? Then continue reading below as we will highlight the best cards for your phone.

I will present to you the 3 best cards for the K7, as well as giving you some insight into the many memory cards that are available.

Best LG K7 SD Card

Consider yourself lucky for landing on this page, as I have taken the time to go through and highlight the top-rated cards for the LG K7. All the cards I recommend below are done so on how the memory will perform in the phone, price and speed. These are all highly rated memory cards, so you can be sure they will work perfectly in the phone.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC memory cardSanDisk has an excellent track record for making high quality memory cards and this 32GB option continues the tradition. This is a high quality card that is able to deliver the performance that the LG K7 needs. It is also very speedy and the price is really cheap, so you are definitely winning with this card in your phone.

32GB Samsung EVO Select Micro SDHC Card

Samsung 32GB Evo Select Micro SDXC

Samsung has made big splash in the memory card department and with their 32GB Evo, you are getting a card that is solid and performs well. It has a great transfer rate, which means it is not slow and it is a good fit for the phone. It only costs a few dollars, so it is also good value for money.

Silicon Power 32GB MicroSDHC Card


Silicon Power has slowly made inroads in being known as making really high quality memory cards. This card is highly rated, performs well and the price is right. Good card, which stands up to the SanDisk & Samsung options mentioned above.

Do I Really Need a Memory Card for the LG K7?

So after going through the article, many of you might be asking, do I really need a microSD for the phone? The answer really isn’t cut and dry, but I always recommend that you just get a memory card and get it over with, simply because they are so cheap and you honestly can’t have too much memory. The reason why I say it isn’t cut and dry, is that people all use their phones differently and some people require the extra space, while others don’t.

Do You Install a lot of Apps & Take Tons of Pictures and Video?

If this is you, then a memory card for the K7 is a must! The internal storage of the phone is paltry and you will fill that up in no time. Having the extra storage space means you can shoot all your photos and vids, without worry of the phone filling up too quickly.

Do You Use the Phone Like an Average User?

If you use the phone like a regular user, which means you install apps, take the occasional photo or video, have a good sized music collection; then buy a card. Even though you won’t be saving a lot of data, the amount you do use, can fill up quickly without you knowing. Memory cards are cheap, so there is no need to not get one.

Barely Uses the Phone

If you barely use the K7 and might take the occasional picture, then the memory card might not be that necessary, however I will repeat myself and say that since they are so cheap, there is no harm in having it in the phone. You never know when you will need it.

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