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lg-k3For those of you who are searching for a memory card for the LG K3 that will work perfectly in the phone, then you’re in the right place.

If you read on, you will see my recommendations for the top 3 memory cards available for the cell phone. As it relates to memory cards in general, there will also be useful information presented.

The Best LG K3 SD Cards

I know you landed on this page because you are trying to get a memory card for your LG K3. All the options that I list below will work flawlessly in the phone and these are some of the highest rated cards on the market right now.

Every single card that I recommend, have four things in common: awesome performance, high speed, moderate price and efficient storage capacity.

32GB Samsung EVO Select MicroSDHC Card

Samsung 32GB Evo Select Micro SDXC

One of the best cards your money can buy is the 32GB Samsung MicroSDHC card. It is fast, has great performance and will deliver the storage capacity that you are looking for. Solid card, which you won’t be disappointed in.

[asa] B01DOB6Y5Q [/asa]

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC


SanDisk is known for making high quality cards and if you like quality, you will like this option. It is a pretty good memory card, that performs really well and best of all it is not expensive.


SanDisk Ultra 16GB microSD


If for whatever reason you find the 32GB cards to be expensive, you can always opt for a 16GB from SanDisk. It doubles the storage capacity of the phone, so it is better than nothing.

[asa] B010Q57SEE[/asa]

What’s the Biggest Micro SD Card the Phone Can Take?

For the LG K3, the largest memory card that it can take is a 32GB micro SDHC.  This is a good amount of storage space, as the internal memory is only 8GB. While 32GB is not the biggest card options out there, it will work for the K3.

Should I Get a LG K3 Memory Card?

As I mentioned above, the internal storage of the phone is only 8 GB and that is extremely small. You can fill that up with just apps, but this is why it is absolutely necessary that you get a memory card to increase the storage capacity of the phone.

The LG K3 can take up to 32 GB microSD card, we should be more than enough storage space, especially if you plan to take videos, pictures, download music and install a couple apps here or there. Even though you can use some of the smaller cards, I would not recommend getting anything less than a 16 GB microSD, simply because the smaller card prices are basically the same as some of the larger sizes, so you would actually be spending the same and getting less.

It really is a good idea to get a memory card, as your internal storage will fill up pretty quickly and having that added storage gives you more flexibility with what you can do with your phone.
Choosing the Right Card for the Phone

There really isn’t much to say when it comes to choosing the right card for the LG K3. The main thing I am going to tell you is that you should go out and get the largest possible card, which is the 32GB microSD. The reason for this, is that memory card is really cheap and there is really no reason to go and get some of the smaller cards, unless you really do not have the money.

You can get away with a 16 GB card, so I won’t knock you for that, but anything else forget it. Spend the money and upgrade, as you are going to need the space sooner than later.

The great thing about memory cards, is that they are a great investment. You could buy one this year and in 2 to 3 years from now, you could still be using it in a different phone, so spend the money and get the biggest card possible, trust me on it!

How Much Data Can be Stored on the LGK3 Micro SD Card?

If you want to get an idea as to how much data can be stored in the LG K3 memory card, then you should take a look at the table below. It is a pretty good summary, highlighting the storage capacity as it relates to videos, images and music.

It should be noted that all the information presented below should just be used as a guide. The memory card could possibly hold a lot more or a lot less, it really depends on a wide variety of external factors.

MP3’s Movies (700 mb) 720P Video Images
16GB 3,200 20 4 Hours 8,000
32GB 6,400 40 8 Hours 16,000
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