Huawei P9 Memory Card

If you own the Huawei P9, P9 Lite or P9 Plus, then take a look at the must-have memory cards for this device, especially if you are looking to upgrade.

All the cards that I list below are a great fit for your mobile phone and the device would get a significant boost in storage space.

The Best Huawei P9 SD Cards?

When it comes to memory cards, there are tons of options to choose from. I know for many, it can be really difficult trying to find the one that is a good fit for your mobile phone. I created this article as a guide to help those of you with the P9 to find the best memory card for your phone, as well as other useful information.

All the cards listed were chosen based off a combination of factors such as performance, price and overall storage capacity.

One of the things that I really like about the Huawei P9 is that the cellphone is pretty impressive and if you want to let it reach its maximum potential, then you’re going to have to update the phone’s memory.

My number 1 choice is a 128 GB MicroSD, simply because of the storage space that it is able to deliver. You get a significant boost in memory and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to achieve this. You can be sure that this card will perform exceptionally in the Huawei P9 ……….

If you’re looking for a bit more space, then you could always go for upgrading your memory with the 200GB Micro SD. The selling price is not too bad and you really have the chance to upgrade the P9 without killing your bank account. So is it worth the price? For the amount of storage space that you get, I would say that it is a really good deal, especially if you are someone who takes a lot of pictures/videos and need a substantial amount of storage space on your phone.

If you’ve felt you already spent a lot of money on the phone or you just need a cheap memory card, then the 64 GB Micro SD Card is also a good option to consider. These cards are really cheap, but they are also still very popular. With 64 GB of memory, you still give your phone a significant increase in storage space, with all the heavy price tag.

If you are not going to be going overkill with photos and videos, 64 GB should be perfectly fine for your mobile phone.

I really wasn’t sure if I should put the 256 GB MicroSD card as an option, simply because it is so expensive. I finally relented, since I was highlighting the best memory cards for Huawei P9, regardless of price.

This is really an amazing memory card to have, simply because you are going to really marks out the storage capacity of your phone. The biggest downside is that it is very expensive. This is not a card for everyone, but if you fall into that group of people who need the storage space, then I would definitely say go out and get this without delay.

With the 256 GB MicroSDXC card, you really won’t have to worry about your storage space filling up, as you can store months upon months of data with no problem.

Great card, highly recommended, once you can afford it

What’s The Biggest Size Card that Works in the Huawei P9

In relation to memory card sizes with the Huawei P9, P9 Lite and P9 Plus, the biggest card it can take is the 256GB MicroSD.

As I previously stated, this card is the option to look at should you be looking to have a massive increase in space on the phone.

If you realize that the 256GB card is significantly over your spending budget, you could always opt for the smaller card alternatives like 200GB, 128GB & 64GB MicroSD card.

Choosing the Right Card?

The question some of you may have is, how do you select the appropriate memory card that will work properly in the Huawei P9? The answer isn’t so straightforward, mainly because the memory card that you purchase for the cellphone really depends on your needs.

My advice to you is to go out and purchase the biggest MicroSD card that is affordable to you. You should always be thinking about the future and if you can spend a couple more dollars and get a higher capacity card, you are setting yourself up to not have to worry about buying another memory card sometime into the future.

As technology increases, so does the need for more storage space. If you have some of the smaller sized cards, you can find yourself knocking your head, wishing you had bought the bigger card in the first place. Cards are cheap, so think long-term when buying.

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