Best Huawei P10 Micro SD Card You Can Buy Now

Huawei P10 Memory CardIf you are searching for a microSD card for the Honor P10 or P10 Plus, then you are on the right page.

Below, we highlight the best available memory cards that are not only a great fit for your smartphone, but they will also deliver exceptional performance for your device.

The Best Huawei P10 SD Cards for 2017!

I am pretty sure in your search, you have come across countless memory card options for the Huawei P10, so I know you are probably wondering, which one is the best and which one actually works with the phone.

Well, I have taken out that guess work and will highlight the best memory card options for your smartphone. All the cards listed below were selected based on specific factors from price, performance, storage capacity and overall compatibility with the phone.

The P10 is a pretty amazing phone and I know you want to ensure that you have the best memory card for it. Right now, the best option available for those looking to increase the storage capacity would be the 128GB MicroSD card. The popularity of this card is due to the fact that it is able to deliver a considerable amount of storage space, at a price that is pretty affordable. Being that it is made by SanDisk, you really don’t have to worry about performance, as SanDisk is known for making high-quality cards.

Some people feel that they can fill up 128GB of storage, especially if they are taking tons of videos and pictures. If you are one of those people who need a bit more space, then the 200GB MicroSD is another good option to consider. The pricing on this card is not crazy and you do get a considerable increase in storage space for the phone. It is a good bridge for those who need more space than 128GB, but not willing to pay 256GB prices.

64GB MicroSDXCs are the workhorses of the smartphone industry. This is still a very popular option for smartphone users, simply because the cards are so cheap. For only a couple of dollars, you can give your Huawei P10 a boost in storage space.

Don’t let the storage capacity dissuade you. You can still store a good amount of data on it and it will take you sometime to fill it up (depending on how you plan on using the phone). While I always say get the biggest card you can afford, if you aren’t going to be going haywire with your phone, 64GB or smaller cards could work.

In a perfect world, I would have the 256GB MicroSDXC card as the #1 option. The world is not perfect and the reason why I don’t highlight as the best option, is simply because the card is expensive. While prices will fall in the future, right now you can expect to pay an arm and a leg for this memory card.

If money is not an issue, then I would say that this is a card you need to have. You get a substantial storage device and with a card like this, you really don’t have to worry about it filling up on you or running out of space at an inopportune time.

What’s The Biggest SD Card That Works with the Huawei P10

The largest memory card that works with the Huawei P10 is the 256GB MicroSD.

As I mentioned above, 256GB cards are pretty expensive and you will find that most Huawei smartphone owners go with 200GB, 128GB, 64GB and 32GB MicroSD/16GB MicroSD cards when they want to upgrade the storage space of their device.

So Which Size Do I Choose?

The size card that you pick for your device will really depend on how you plan on using it. My rule of thumb is that you should always go for the biggest sized card you can afford and also think about the future (don’t buy a small sized card because it is cheap, only to realize you need to upgrade a couple months down the line)

If you are a heavy user

If you are someone who downloads countless apps, carry around your music/movie collection with you and take a ton load of pictures and videos, then you really need to stick with the high capacity cards like 256GB, 200GB or 128GB. You can obviously use smaller capacity cards with no problem, but a couple of months or even weeks of using the smaller cards, you might be
wishing you had just spent the money on a bigger card, seeing how your phone is almost out of space.

If you are an average user

As a regular user, the 256GB MicroSD might be a bit of overkill, but if your budget allows get the 200GB or you could just stick with the 128GB/64GB card. These sizes all work and since you wont be going crazy, don’t expect the cards to fill up too quickly.

You could also choose smaller sized cards other than the ones mentioned above, but regret is a word that people often repeat when they go that route.

“If only I had spent the extra money on the bigger cards.” is a line I hear oh so often

Barely uses the phone

If you are one of those people who barely uses the phone, the internal storage could possibly work. The Huawei P10 is available in 32GB/64GB models and that could be enough for most. However, memory card prices are pretty cheap and my mother is/was someone who barely used her phone and she still ran out of space (all those pictures she suddenly decided to take)

How Much Do These MicroSD Cards Hold?

If you are still confused as to which card to get, maybe the table below can give you some more insight. It is a quick overview of how much video, music, movies and pictures the different card sizes can hold.

Please note that these are just estimates and the cards could hold considerably a lot more/less, it depends on a variety of factors.

MP3’s Movies (700 mb) 720P Video 1080p Video (60fps) Images
16GB 3,200 20 4 Hours 1 Hour 20 Mins 8,000
32GB 6,400 40 8 Hours 2 Hours 40 Mins 16,000
64GB 12,800 80 16 Hours 5 Hours 20 Mins 32,000
128GB 25,600 160 32 Hours 10 Hours 40 Mins 64,000
256GB 51,200 320 64 Hours 21 Hours 20 Mins 128,000

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