HTC Smart MicroSD Memory Card

HTC Smart Memory Card Types

When it comes to the HTC Smart, this cellphone has the ability to use 2 different types of memory cards.


  • Micro SD – This memory card format can hold up to 4GB of images, music and video.
  • Micro SDHC– This memory card that can hold up to 32GB of images, music and video.

So what exactly is the difference between MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards? We get that question all the time as it seems that people really get confused between the two. These memory cards are really the same; the only difference is the amount of data that each card can hold.


Micro SD cards can hold up to 4GB worth of video, music, movies and pictures.

Micro SDHC cards can hold up to 32GB worth of video, music, movies and pictures.

Other Vital Memory Card Information

If you see memory cards with the #’s 2, 4, 6 and 10, this is there to indicate the speed rating of the card. These Speed Ratings are there to indicate how quickly data can be read or written from the card.


  • Class 2 – Minimum of 2 MB/s performance. (Slowest)
  • Class 4 – Minimum of 4 MB/s performance. (Average)
  • Class 6 – Minimum of 6 MB/s performance.  (Above Average)
  • Class 10 – Minimum of 10 MB/s performance. (Fastest)


When getting a card for the HTC Smart, the Class 2 and 4 cards should be ok. If you have plans on using these MicroSD/SDHC cards in a device like a camera or camcorder (With the SD Adapter), then you are going to need a card that has a faster speed.  The Class 2 and 4 cards will perform poorly if you use them in data demanding devices.

Do I Need a Memory Card for My HTC Smart?

When you buy a HTC Smart, more than likely it will come packaged with a memory card. These cards that come with the phone are either 1 GB or 2 GB. If you are a person that has a lot of mp3’s or uses the phone to take a lot of pictures and videos, then you are going to need to get a bigger memory card.

What Size HTC Smart Micro SD/SDHC Card Should I Get?

1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB are the different card choices that you have. When looking at a MicroSD or MicroSDHC card for the HTC Smart, the size that you need will depend on the data you have and how you plan on using the card in the phone.

I would typically recommend a 16 GB or 32 GB card for the phone. The reason why I go for these bigger card sizes is the fact that these cards have enough space to hold everything and more. If you think back to two years ago, 512MB and 1 GB cards were more than ample. Today most people would not even utilize a 512 MB card now. It’s always good to be ahead of the curve, especially since these sizes are not that expensive.

How Much Data Can Hold on a HTC Smart Memory Card?

After reading everything we wrote on memory cards for the HTC Smart, I am sure that you are pretty confident as to what types will work in the phone.

The table we have below is now going to look at how much pictures, videos and movies will be able to be stored on the different sizes of memory cards.

**You guys should just use the table below as a guide to the storage capacity of the cards. All the different media format sizes were done using ESTIMATES. Each of these memory cards will be able to hold more or less data; it really depends on a host of different factors. The table is really there for people to visualize how much data each card will be able to hold.

  MP3’s Movies 720P Video Images
4GB 800 5 1 Hour 2000
8GB 1600 10 2 Hours 4000
16GB 3200 20 4 Hours 8000
32GB 6400 40 8 Hours 16,000

Best HTC Smart MicroSD/SDHC Memory Card


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*Compatibility Issues

If you will be taking the memory card out of the phone and will be using it in the computer to transfer MP3s, movies or images, then it’s a good idea to see if the computer is card reader will be able to read SDHC cards. Many of the older computers come with SD readers and because of this; they won’t have the ability to read the high-capacity memory cards. If you check and see that there is no SDHC support, then it looks like you will have to purchase a card reader. These devices are not expensive and you can get them for under $15. Click Here to get yours now.



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