HTC One M9 Memory Card

HTC One M9 Memory CardAre you looking for a memory card that’s a right fit for the HTC One M9? Well, spend some time and look at the top-rated memory card options for this mobile phone below.

All the cards that you see recommended on this page are some of the best memory cards available right now. They will deliver the performance and storage that you are looking for.

The Best HTC One M9 SD Cards?

If you have ever searched for a memory card, you will realize it can be extremely challenging, especially since there are so many options to choose from.

I wrote this article to make things easier for you HTC One M9 owners, as this guide will not only highlight the best cards available, but I will also give you some info that some of you’ll find helpful.

The HTC M9 is really an astonishing smartphone and it’s apparent that if you really want to maximize its performance, you are going to need to increase the storage space.

Out of all the memory cards available for the phone, I definitely suggest you go with the 128GB MicroSD, simple because the price is pretty good and the storage space it delivers is massive. You will not have to worry about storage space for your videos, pictures and apps with a card this size.

If you are a data hog and need a lot more storage space than what 128GB can offer, but not looking to spend an arm and a leg, then consider the 200GB MicroSD card.

This SanDisk 200GB card gives the phone a significant bump in storage space and you won’t have to break the bank to get one, as the price point is not outrageous.

64GB is for the budget conscious, who still wants to get a decent amount of storage upgrade for the M9. Price wise you cannot lose with the 64GB, simply because it is so cheap. If you are not the person to take videos and pictures of every single thing that you do, then you should have no problem with the 64GB running out of space on you.

With the 256GB memory card, I seriously had to ponder the pluses and minuses to see if it made sense to recommend this size card in this article. Because 256GB cards are so costly, I really was not sure if having it on the list made sense. Even so, this is one of the have to have cards as it pertains to storage, regardless of the cost.

This card gives you an incredible level of storage and the overall performance is what you’d require for your One M9. Definitely think about this card for your smartphone, especially if you’ve no problem with the selling price.

What’s The Biggest Size Card that Works in the HTC One M9

The largest memory card that works with the HTC One M9 is the 256GB MicroSDXC. As I mentioned above, this card is super expensive and this really makes sense if you really need the storage space and price is not an issue.

Despite being costly, you should consider the 256GB memory card as an option, particularly if you want

If you’re not ready to make that type of financial commitment, then you could always choose a few of the smaller sized cards such as the 128GB & 64GB SD card.

How to Pick the Right Card?

As it pertains to increasing the HTC One M9 memory, I know a number of you may be wondering how to go about choosing the right one for the phone. My answer to that burning question is simply, whatever memory card you purchase for your smartphone is usually be determined by how you plan on using it.

When buying a memory card for your phone, my first bit of advice is to go and purchase the biggest memory card that fits your budget. Memory card prices are very affordable and it really should not be a major problem locating a high capacity card that is not very costly. If you are someone who stores a lot of data, then the high capacity cards are just what your phone needs.

How Much Can These Cards Actually Hold?

If you want to get an idea of how much data these different memory card sizes can hold, take a look at the table below. You should be able to see how much music, videos and pictures each card will generally store.

As a note, the information presented below is based on real world estimates, so please be aware that each memory card size can hold a lot more or a lot less, it really depends on a variety of factors.

  MP3’s Movies (700 mb) 720P Video 1080p Video (60fps) Images
16GB 3,200 20 4 Hours 1 Hour 20 Mins 8,000
32GB 6,400 40 8 Hours 2 Hours 40 Mins 16,000
64GB 12,800 80 16 Hours 5 Hours 20 Mins 32,000
128GB 25,600 160 32 Hours 10 Hours 40 Mins 64,000
256GB 51,200 320 64 Hours 21 Hours 20 Mins 128,000
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