HTC Desire 650 Memory Card

If you’re looking to buy a new HTC Desire 650 SD card, then you should check out the top rated memory cards that are currently available for your mobile phone. If you continue reading, I am going to highlight the nest memory card options available, as well as touch on some important information that will prove to be useful.

The Best HTC Desire 650 SD Cards?

I know for some of you it can be difficult trying to figure out which memory card out of the hundreds that are out there is a good fit for the Desire 650.

The good thing is that you have landed on this blog, where I choose the best cards for your smartphone. All the memory cards that I recommend are done based specific criteria. I choose the cards based on their storage capacity, performance and price.

The 128GB MicroSDXC card is a good fit for HTC Desire 650 as it gives you balance. You not only get a considerable amount of storage space, but the pricing is not outrageous and for what you are getting, this is a pretty good deal.

This memory card is a great fit for the 650 and will have it performing optimally and you won’t have to worry about running out of memory at the wrong time with this option.

If you’re serious about increasing the storage with a Desire 650 SD card, then another option to look at is the 200GB MicroSD. It has a really good price point and you won’t go into debt getting one. Even if you look past the really nice price point, you also get a significant amount of storage space. You can take pictures and videos for days, without worrying about not having enough space.

The performance is also top-notch, as SanDisk is known for making high quality cards and this one is no different.

If you are looking to purchase a budget friendly memory card that still delivers in relation to storage capacity, then the 64GB card is one to think about. 64GB is still a popular storage option and people often flock to it because it is cheap and it is still a sizeable amount of space.

The 256GB MicroSD is the biggest card out right now and it is also the most expensive. Many people do not go with this as an option, simply because this microSD card is so expensive.

If you find that you need the storage space and the price is not overly offensive, then this is a pretty good option to go with. You get to maximize the potential of your 650 mobile phone and you really would not have to think about getting a memory card anytime soon.

What’s The Biggest Size Card that Works in the HTC Desire 650?

The largest SD card which will work with the HTC Desire 650 is the 256GB MicroSD.

Remember that the phone is only available in a 16GB model and in today’s high data world, 16GB is not cutting it, A memory card is a must and the size option you go with depends on how you plan on using the phone

While the 256GB is a good option to consider, the price is major turn off for most people. The smaller card options can be a perfect fit, especially if you not looking to spend a lot of money.

Is a Memory Card a Must?

As I stated above, the Desire 650 is only available with 16GB of internal memory. In today’s world, that is just not going to cut it. After using the phone for a couple of weeks, you are going to quickly realize that the internal memory goes quickly, especially with all those apps, photos and videos.

So yes, a memory card is a must and the size that you get really depends on how you use the phone. I always try to tell my readers that when it comes to memory cards, try and go for the biggest one available that fits within your budget. High capacity memory cards are pretty cheap and the thing is you can never have too much memory. Some users might not have a current need for ridiculous amounts of storage space, but that train of thought can change in 3-6 months.

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