HTC Desire 530 Memory Card

HTC Desire 530 SD CardIf you want to know what the best HTC Desire 530 memory card, then look at the must-have options for this smartphone. I can promise that all the cards that I recommend are some of the very best on the market right now and they will surely give you the memory upgrade that you have been looking for your cellphone.

The Best HTC Desire 530 SD Card?

It can be really difficult trying to figure out which memory card to get for the HTC Desire 530, especially if you have no idea what you are looking for.

Below, I have listed the top-rated memory cards available for your smart phone and you should have no problem picking one that suits your needs. Aside from highlighting the must-have cards, I have also some other useful information related to memory cards that you could find helpful.

If you’re looking to maximize the storage capacity of the HTC Desire 530, then one of the first options to think about is the 128GB Micro SD card. This is a card that strikes the perfect balance between storage and price. With this particular microsd card, you’re getting something which is in-expensive in addition to delivering excellent performance.

Performance wise, you won’t have to worry, as SanDisk is the world leader when it comes to memory cards and this card will perform flawlessly in the phone.

The 200GB card is a step up from the 128GB and this is for those of you who need a bit more space. Maybe you take a lot of pictures or videos and just need that extra storage.

If space is what you need, 200GB is the way to go. You will have to pay for that increase in storage, but the pricing is nothing crazy. The price won’t put a major dent in your pocket and you will get the perfect complement for your phone.

The HTC Desire 530 only has 16GB of internal memory and this makes the 64GB MicroSD card a good option to consider, especially if are someone who is not looking to spend a lot of money on upgrading the phones memory.

64GB cards are cheap and you can easily give your phone the increase in storage space that you are probably looking for.

As mentioned above, SanDisk cards are high-quality top-of-the-line products, so you definitely will not have to worry about performance issues in using this particular card.

The 256 GB MicroSD is really for the big boys, simply because it delivers maximum amount of memory that the 530 can take. This card is massive and if you have this in your phone, you really won’t be worrying about storage space anytime soon.

I should point out, that this card is extremely expensive. It is not for everybody and if you can justify the cost of this card, then I would definitely say that this should be your number 1 option.

What’s The Biggest Size Card that Works in the HTC Desire 530?

Looking through the manual for the HTC Desire 530, you will see that the largest card it can use is the 256GB MicroSD.

Mentioned above, 256 GB cards are extremely expensive, especially for a phone like the desire 530. If you’re looking to upgrade your memory, then consider some of the smallest sized cards such as 128GB, 64GB and even 32GB.

How Do You Choose the Right Card for the Phone?

The card that you choose, really depends on how you plan on using the phone. If you’re someone who is going to be installing a lot of apps, taking a lot of pictures or videos or you just have a massive music collection, then you are definitely going to have to go with some of the higher capacity cards (256GB, 200GB, 128GB). However, if you really just need the extra space as backup or to store the 1 or 2 pics/videos you would be taking, you could easily work with a 64GB, 32GB, 16GB or even 8GB card with no problems.

My recommendation however would be to to go out and buy the largest MicroSDXC card you can afford. You can never have too much space and you don’t want to be cheap and spend the money buying a smaller card, only to find out that you need to buy a larger one a couple months down the road.

The bigger card you get, the better, but also work with what fits your budget. No need to spend on 256GB card, if you really don’t need that much space.

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