HTC Bolt Memory Card

HTC Bolt Memory CardThere are numerous memory card options available and you can become easily overwhelmed, looking for one that provides speed, reliability, outstanding performance and tons of storage space. How do you establish which card works with your device without actually testing them?

In regards to the HTC Bolt, we’ve developed a list of the top rated cards for your mobile phone. The memory cards on this list are the very best out there and you’re assured outstanding value for your money.

The Best HTC Bolt SD Cards

If you go to any website and type in memory cards, you’re going to see a lot of choices pop-up. How can you tell which one is the very best for your Bolt? I have spent some time researching the different options that are available as it relates to this phone. All the cards that were selected based on their overall performance, price and speed.

The 128GB Samsung microSD memory card is unquestionably the card to choose if you are searching for something which performs nicely and won’t be super expensive. What I like about this card is that it increases the storage capacity of the cellphone and is inexpensive. This is just an all round excellent card and it’s easy to see why so many think of it as one of the very best 128GB cards available.

I know some of you are going to need a lot more space than what a 64GB or 128GB microSD card card can provide. This is where you should look at the 200GB SanDisk Ultra. It is not as expensive as the 256GB microSD and it still delivers a considerable amount of space. If you are a data hog who is not looking to spend a lot of money to upgrade, then this is the card for you.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money and you still want to increase the storage capacity of your phone considerably, then the 64 GB SanDisk Extreme is definitely a good card to check out. It has a really nice price point and won’t put a major dent in your wallet. It is fast and delivers the performance that is on par with your HTC Bolt. Great card, which is a good option to consider.

You have a pretty amazing cellphone with the HTC Bolt and if you really want to maximize it to its full potential, then get the 256GB microSD. This card is beastly and a perfect match for the Bolt. Even though it is really pricey, this is a must have for people who plan on maximizing their phone, regardless of the cost.

What’s The Biggest Memory Card the HTC Bolt Takes?

In theory, the largest memory card that the HTC Bolt can take would be 2 TB. There are no 2TB cards available, so the biggest right now would have to be the 256GB MicroSD card. While is this is an expensive memory card to have, people who have a need for large data storage will often make use of this option. There are smaller cards that deliver a good amount of storage for the phone such as the 200GB, 128GB & 64GB MicroSD.

Should I Get a Memory Card for the HTC Bolt?

That is a tricky question to answer, cause it really depends on how you plan on using the phone.

The HTC Bolt cell phone will come with quite a bit of internal storage space. The phone comes with 32GB of internal storage which can be eaten up pretty quickly if you install apps and take a ton of pictures and videos. Because of this, it is suggested that users look at the option of expanding their storage capacity with removable memory cards.

If you have the phone, you might astonished at the speed at which the internal storage fills up after using it for a couple of months. Videos, apps, photographs and all the content that you receive via the net from downloading and from your friends little by little adds up and in the blink of an eye you are out of space. Having a memory card is the simple and fast answer to all your memory troubles.

The good thing about memory cards is they are so cheap, yet they deliver such effective storage. For only a few dollars, you can purchase a highly-rated brand card that will last you a long time.

Selecting the Right Card for the Phone

Unfortunately there is no one microSD card which will work for all HTC Bolt users. The important factor that should be taken into consideration is how you’ve planned on using the cell phone. The options above represent a general snapshot of memory cards that have worked for HTC Bolt users. If you want a better view of a card that will suit your needs, please read on.

If You’re For the Heavy User:

If you are someone who takes a lot of videos and pictures, or you have a big movie or music collection in just have to take your files with you on the go, then you are definitely going to need to invest in one of the largest sized memory cards. A 256 GB, 200GB & 128 GB should be enough for you. The sizes can comfortably handle the storage that you would be throwing at it with your phone and you don’t have to be concerned about your card filling up too quickly anytime soon.

For the Average User:

Nearly all HTC Bolt users would fit into this group. If you take pictures, videos, have a ton of apps and possibly a large music collection, then the size cards that work for you would be a 128GB & 64GB microSD. You really should look at the options I listed above and see what fits into your budget and from there, upgrade, as you are definitely going to be needing the extra storage space.

For the Light User:

If you are just taking the occasional picture or video, then you could possibly get away with the internal memory, however with memory cards being so cheap, you should just get one, just to serve as a back up to your data.

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