How Many Songs Can Hold on a 64GB Memory Card?

How Many Songs Does a 64 GB Memory Card Hold?
How Many Songs Does a 64 GB Memory Card Hold?

There really is nothing like an mp3. You are getting digital goodness that you can throw onto a memory card and have your music collection with you on the go.

A lot of people often want to know how many songs can hold on a 64 GB memory card. This can be quite easy to estimate, if you actually have an idea as to the size of an mp3 and the size of the 64 GB card.

Before going into this, let me start by saying that this is estimated. The 64GB memory card will be able to hold a lot more or a lot less songs, it will really depend on a variety of factors.

How Many Songs Can Fit on a 64 GB Memory Card?

  • An MP3’s size is dependent on different factors such as how long the song is, as well as it’s encoded bitrate. For the sake of this estimate, we are going to say that generally MP3’s will have a size of 4-5 MB.
  • For easier calculations, around 64000 MB makes 64GB
  • 64 GB = 64000 MB
  • 64000 MB divided by 4 MB = 16,000 mp3 songs
  • 64000 MB divided by 5 MB = 12,800 mp3 songs.

With that quick bit of math, it is possible that a 64 GB memory will be hold anywhere from 12,800 – 16,000 MP3 files. This is all estimated as it could hold a lot more or a lot less, it is really dependent on tons of factors from the bitrate, file size and much more. This is more of a  guide so that you can get an idea as to how much the card will hold.

So if you had plans on buying a 64GB SDXC or MicroSDXC card, then you should have a pretty good idea as to how much it can hold.

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