How Many Songs Can 512GB Hold?

How Much Music Can 512GB Hold?So you want to know how much music you can store on 512 GB?  512GB is a lot of memory and if you have a massive mp3 collection, you will be able an insane amount of songs. So how much does it really hold?

To answer the question you have regarding 512GB and music storage, I have crafted a little guide that will help to visualize the answer.

I need to add this disclaimer! All the information presented below is ESTIMATED. More or less songs can be stored on the card, it will depend on a wide range of factors. This is just here to give you guys a ballpark figure.

How Many Songs Can Fit on 512 GB?

So as to provide you with an idea as to how much music you can fit on 512GB of memory the first thing I am going to do is just do some basic math.


  • A variety of factors will determine the size on an MP3. This can range from how the MP3 was encoded, how long the song is among other things. For this guide, we are going to generally say that MP3’s will tend to have a size of 4-5 MB.
  • To make the calculations easier, 512GB is more or less = 512000 MB
  • 512 GB = 512000 MB
  • 512000 MB divided by 4 MB =128,000 mp3 songs
  • 512000 MB divided by 5 MB = 102,400 mp3 songs.

Even though I used the average of 4-5 MB for an MP3, you can also look at other average file sizes.

MP3 Size # of MP3’s
4MB 128,000
5MB 102,400
6MB 85,33
7MB 73,142

So as you can see, you can expect 512 GB to hold 73,000 – 128,000 songs (estimated).

Let me repeat again that this is not actual (just estimated) and you really won’t know as you are going to have various sized MP3’s. You will still have ballpark figures to work with and that works, especially when trying to decide on your storage options.


Some of you would want to know how many albums can 512 GB hold? Since we already have the estimates from above, it is pretty easy to workout.

  • An album is about 12-16 songs on average
  • We will then say that an average album will have 14 tracks
  • Using the MP3 size of 4 MB, 128,000/14 = 9,140 albums
  • Using the MP3 size of 5 MB, 102,400/14 = 7,314 albums
MP3 Size # of Albums
4MB 9,140
5MB 7,314
6MB 6,094
7MB 5,224

Looking at the table above, that is really a lot of albums and I would love to meet some of you who have album collections that big.

If you want to look at other storage sizes, I have guides on 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 GB, 1 & 2 TB.

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