How Many Songs Can 4GB Hold?

How Much Music Can Hold on 4 GB?How many songs can 4GB hold? Have an old memory card lying around or thinking of buying a 4 gig one and just wanted to have any idea of how much music/mp3s you can store on it? It is a question that a lot of people want to know and that is what this guide is for, to answer that burning question.

You should note that the results we come upon is based on estimates and average sizes of mp3s. The memory card could hold more or less, it depends on many different factors.

How Much Music Can You Fit on a 4 GB Memory Card?

If you do a little math, you can have a pretty good idea of how much music you are able to fit on a memory card:

To get started, we need to get the average size of a MP3. This can change, depending on the length of the song and the bitrate it was encoded in. We will use a mp3 of average size of 4-5 MB encoded at 128 kHz.

  • Around 4000MB make 4GB
  • 4GB = 4000MB
  • 4000MB divided by 4 = 1000 mp3 songs
  • 4000MB divided by 5 = 800 mp3 songs.

Looking at the results, we can make a good estimation that 4 GB should be able to hold a good amount of music. Remember, we stated earlier that the memory card can hold a lot more songs or less, it really depends on the size of the mp3s, but that that can change.

If you are going to buy a 4 GB memory card, whether it is a Secure Digital (SD) or MicroSD, the card should be able to hold 800-1000 songs on the device.

Hopefully this cleared up any misconceptions you might have had as it relates to memory card space and the amount of music it can hold.

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