How Many Movies Can 512GB Hold?

If you landed on this page, you more than likely want to have some idea as to how much movies can fit on 512GB (hard drive, MicroSD/SD card, USB stick or whatever else you have.)

If you keep reading, I will give you a general idea as to how much movies you can actually store on 512GB of memory.

How Many Movies can 512GB Hold?

512GB is a significant amount of storage space and off the bat I can tell you that it is going to hold a lot of movies. If you are someone who has a large collection or just looking to upgrade, then 512GB is a good option to consider.

The numbers below should give you a pretty good idea as to the storage capacity of 512GB. Please note that the numbers used are based on average movies sizes. Because of that, 512GB can possibly hold a lot more or less movies, this is really dependent on a variety of factors.
Movie Sizes used:

  • SD Movie from iTunes = 1.5GB (Average Size)
  • 720p Movie from iTunes = 4GB (Average Size)
  • 1080p Movie from iTunes = 5GB (Average Size)
  • DVD Rip (Pirated) = 700MB (Average Size)*
  • Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated) = 1GB (Average Size)*
  • Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) = 3.5GB (Average Size)*
Movie Type Movie Size 512 GB
SD Movie from iTunes 1.5 GB 341
720p Movie from iTunes 4 GB 128
1080p Movie from iTunes 5 GB 102
DVD Rip (Pirated) 700 MB 731
Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated) 1 GB 512
Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) 3.5 GB 146

As you can see, 512 Gigabytes will store a considerable amount of movies. If you are looking to upgrade the storage space for your movie collection or have a hard drive, this will give you some insight into the storage capacity.

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