How Many Movies Can 16GB Hold?

How Many Movies Can 16GB Hold?If you have a 16GB SD Card/MicroSD, USB Flash drive or the internal memory of your phone and you want to get an idea of how many movies can fit on it….keep on reading.

I not only highlight the storage capacity of 16GB for varying movie sizes, but I will also highlight some other information you will probably find useful.

How Many Movies can 16GB Hold?

In this digital age, 16GB is really not a lot of storage space and I can tell you off the bat that it won’t be able to hold a whole lot of movies. So if you have a ton load of movies, you might have to rethink another storage option.

Please note that the data used is based off real world movie sizes. 16GB could possibly hold a lot more or less movies, it really depends on many different dynamics.
Movie Sizes used:

SD Movie from iTunes = 1.5GB (Average Size)

720p Movie from iTunes = 4GB (Average Size)

1080p Movie from iTunes = 5GB (Average Size)

DVD Rip (Pirated) = 700MB (Average Size)*

Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated) = 1GB (Average Size)*

Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) = 3.5GB (Average Size)*

Movie Type Movie Size 16 GB
SD Movie from iTunes 1.5 GB 10
720p Movie from iTunes 4 GB 4
1080p Movie from iTunes 5 GB 3
DVD Rip (Pirated) 700 MB 23
Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated) 1 GB 16
Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) 3.5 GB 4

As I mentioned above, 16GB is not a ton load of memory, but you can still carry around a bunch of movies with you on the go.

You will find that a lot of people will often store the movies on a 16GB SD Card, 16GB MicroSD or USB Flash Drive. These devices are good options to consider, as they are not only cheap as a storage device, but you can copy and be on the go in no time.

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