How Many Movies Can 128GB Hold?

Want to know how many movies can fit on 128GB of space? Well, off the top of my head, I can easily say that you can store a decent amount of flicks and 128GB is a good storage option if you looking to copying off some movies or your collection.

The exact number of movies will be calculated below, so keep on reading to find out.

How Many Movies can 128GB Hold?

In this digital world, 128GB is a significant amount of storage space and you can easily fit a small collection on it.

You should know that the table below is based off averages and you could possibly hold a lot more or less movies on 128GB, it will depend on a variety of factors.

Movie Sizes used:

  • SD Movie from iTunes = 1.5GB (Average Size)
  • 720p Movie from iTunes = 4GB (Average Size)
  • 1080p Movie from iTunes = 5GB (Average Size)
  • DVD Rip (Pirated) = 700MB (Average Size)*
  • Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated) = 1GB (Average Size)*
  • Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) = 3.5GB (Average Size)*
Movie Type Movie Size 16 GB
SD Movie from iTunes 1.5 GB 85
720p Movie from iTunes 4 GB 32
1080p Movie from iTunes 5 GB 26
DVD Rip (Pirated) 700 MB 170
Blue Ray Rip 720p (Pirated) 1 GB 128
Blue Ray Rip 1080p (Pirated) 3.5 GB 36


As you can see, with 128GB you can hold a good amount of movies, especially in HD. If you are looking for portable storage, you could always go with a 128GB SD card or 128GB MicroSD. These cards are small, ultra-portable and relatively cheap.

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