64GB Flash Drive

The 64GB flash drive is a perfect choice for the moderate computer user who wishes to have portable files at his/her fingertips. The 64GB model is large enough to store a few movies, picture galleries, hundreds of document files and even MP3s. If you’re in the market for such a device, then you most likely want to know what are the qualities that you need to take into consideration. You’re in luck, you found just the right article to provide you with all the advice you’ll need. Continue reading for more information.

The Best 64GB Flash Drive Brands

The qualities outlined above are all what it takes to make a great 64GB flash drive. There are many brands out there that claim to offer the whole package, but only a few actually meet all the criteria that we outlined above.
It would probably take you hours to sort through the specifications of all the brands out there to find one that suits your needs. To save you from all this hassle, we have compiled a list of the top 64GB flash drive brands. They are all sleekly designed and high performing options that will fit any budget. Check out the options below to find your perfect fit!

The Qualities of a Great 64GB Flash Drive

Finding a good 64GB flash drive can be a daunting task when you realize all the options that you are going to be faced with. Whether you intend to purchase from a local electronics store or via the internet through online shopping, there are a few qualities that you need to be on the lookout for. Get your notepad out and take some notes, because this article will be your guide for qualities to look for in a good 64GB flash drive.

How is it priced?

A good 64GB flash drive will be cost effective. Contrary to popular belief, a higher price does not necessarily equate to a better quality product. Consumers must resist the urge to purchase a product that has built up a lot of hype simply because of good advertisement. Though this is not always the case, excessive advertisement often times means an inferior product.

On the same length, resist the urge to purchase a very cheap product as they might be made of inferior materials. A good price to pay for a 64GB flash drive would be around $30 US. At this price, you can be assured that you will be getting a reliable product made of good quality materials.

How durable are the materials it is made of?

Durability is possibly the most important element that you need to consider when shopping for a 64GB flash drive. One has to ensure that the flash drive chosen is made of materials that are durable and will last a long time. A durable flash drive should be able to withstand minor falls or bumps. The internal components of flash drives are very delicate and require a strong housing for added protection. You do not want to lose files or data because of a damaged housing. Materials such as plastic, though they can last for many years can be easily broken if it is not cared for properly. Unfortunately most flash drives are going to be made of plastics because of how cheap the material is. Those that are made of aluminum or other metals can be easily dented because of how thin the metal is required to be. Flash drives are made of a combination of plastics and rubber are usually the most durable.

How portable is your flash drive?

Most modern 64GB flash drives are sleek and lightweight, making them easy to use and carry around with you at all times. At the same time, there are some flash drives that because of the materials used in their manufacturing, can be bulky. You want to avoid larger frame flash drives, because they might make it difficult to fit multiple devices into USB ports that are located close to each other. Extravagant drives that are made into flashy shapes should definitely be avoided as they are too bulky to fit into tight spaces and are not feasible for everyday use and commute.

How quick is file transfer with your 64GB flash drive?

In a fast moving world with people who are always on the go, you want a flash drive that lives up to its name and transfers files at the speed of light. File transfer speeds can vary a lot depending on the brand of 64GB flash drive that you decide to purchase. Transfer speeds do not matter very much if you will only be transferring small files such as documents, pictures or music files. If you are however in the habit of sending/receiving larger files such as movies or video clips, then you will need a faster transfer speed for convenience and ease of transfer. A desirable transfer rate for the regular user is about 100 megabytes per second or higher for a high performance 64GB flash drive.

How secure is your drive?

Some flash drives come with security features that make them a good buy if security is a concern for you. The most common and useful of these security features is password protection. It is very easy to misplace or lose a flash drive because of its small size. If you have sensitive files that need to be stored on digital removable media, then a flash drive with password protection is a very good idea.
In addition to password protection, there are several new 64GB flash drive models that offer more secure and high end protection through encryption applications and even fingerprint recognition software but these are not very practical for the everyday user and often come at exorbitant costs.